Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of my weaknesses, is donuts! Oh how I love them. I grew up with Dunkin Donuts. Boston Cream, and Honey Dipped being my favorite. We had a tradition in our family, that for breakfast on our birthdays, we would have donuts! I've tried to continue this with my own family. But Steve wants something healthier... *rolling eyes* Moving to Utah was sad, cuz there is no Dunkin Donuts here. Every time my mom would come to visit, her ticket OFF the plane, was Dunkin Donuts. *grin*

Here in Utah, we have Banbury Cross, which is so good it should be illegal. But they are downtown, and pricey, so I don't get them often. And we used to have a Krispy Kreme near by, but for some reason they closed. If you haven't had their hot glazed...oh my...THAT is a treat. Totally melts in your mouth. I wish there was something a little closer, ok, not really...cuz then I would probably be in a diabetic coma!! PCMC has really good donuts, it's something I can look forward to when I go up there!!

Why am I talking about donuts you ask? Well, almost EVERYONE I talk to about my b u m, says..."Do you have one of those donuts?" If you don't believe the comments on my last post. While I appreciate everyone's suggestions, all this donut talk is making me a little crazy. I think, 12 years ago; maybe it was Parker, cuz I pushed for 2 and a half hours, so 10; they gave me a donut to sit on. It was worse than sitting on the couch. For me... it let everything hang, and was so much worse. They didn't give me one this time, maybe for that reason. Even when I'm just laying on the couch, it needs to be "supported". The donut makes no sense to me. They tell you not to sit on the toilet for too long. How is the donut any different. Am I doing it wrong!? I would rather SIT on my incision, then have it hanging... YA KNOW?

So the moral of my story...

Donuts you eat....good. Donuts you sit on....BAD!!!


Danielle said...

I tend to forget, I didn't actually push a kid out, so my donut was more for the fact that my pelvis was all stretched out and sore from Nathaniel dropping at 32 weeks. I had no idea it would make things worse. OK, how about getting a bath pillow and lying on your side in the tub?

disillusioned said...

Mmmm... perhaps we need to visit the local Dunkin' Donuts (I know--I love them too!!!! I knew I could live in the city I live in now once I saw the Dunkin' Donuts--and it's the hotspot on a Saturday morning!!!)and get you a box before we drive back to Utah for Christmas. Although--I'm afraid they may not make it all the way to Utah! :)

Mandy said...

I love your new blog "topper" did you use digital scrapbooking stuff for that? I don't know anything about that stuff. And that picture of donuts looks so yummy, I love junk food.

Sis Sarah said...

Well maybe you could sit on a big croissant (He He). Love your new header. It so neat. When were back in Utah, your going to fancy mine up.

Hope the toush is doing a bit better today.

nickparkemjamom said...

K, Mary and Sis...I'll be expecting at least a Boston creme!! When exactly are you coming?!?

Danielle, Thanks for all the suggestions, I just "bent over" in the shower...sorry, I know...TMI!

Mandy, yes digital scrapbooking. I just googled it, and found tons of free stuff to download. It's really fun. And there is so much to learn!

Sis Sarah said...

We're coming at christmas. Not sure when, hopfully for a couple of weeks or so.

We may stop off in Denver and do some testing for Wes.