Sunday, January 13, 2008

A week in review ... MY WAY!

It's been a busy week. Can't believe it's actually over. We started out the week, with an appointment with the Orthodontist. It's been awhile since we've been up to PCMC, even longer for Jack. And almost a year for Jack, since he has been in the ortho's office. Last time we were there, he wasn't even walking! So it was like the first time for him, but they sure know him! When we walked in...there was a resounding..."JACKSON!!!". Jack just looked at them as if to say..."Who the heck are YOU, and how do you know ME?!?!" It was SO funny! Then when the DR came in, oh my, it was funny. He was SO not sure about him. The Dr got quite the kick out of it too.

Anyway...he said his cross-bite was looking good. The last time he saw him was in May. He thinks he will only need head gear to wear at night, when he's around 5. And it's not what you're thinking. If I can find a picture, I'll post it. And everything else looks fine. We go back 6 months. Mostly, he's checking the prosthesis in his mouth.

Jack also got his foot orthotics. He has been fine, hasn't even really noticed. Although, Friday, after I took off his shoes, after wearing them all day, he had a blister. So I need to call tomorrow, and figure out what to do! This is a picture before she cut them down, and fit them into his shoes. He is SO happy! haha Then while we were waiting, he found the light switches. Oh my...SO funny!!!!

Since I had the camera, I caught him on tape! SO STINKIN CUTE!!

Then Friday, the kids and I went out to a FUN place. It is the West Valley Family Fitness Center Germ Fest...ok I added the germ fest part. But it is SO SO SO fun!! Here are some pictures. And here is a cute video:

And it was CHEAP!!! They can't wait to go back! If you live here - around Salt Lake, I HIGHLY recommend it. I first went there for a physical therapy consult. He LOVES it there for therapy. And so did Jack! more video! Jack got into something...



Anonymous said...

I love how he keeps saying HUH??? your kids are SO stinkin cute!

Cindy said...

Oh, my you are right!! Just too, too cute!! Jack is a little miracle, isn't he!! I love the light video.

And what did it get into by the way, in that last video, pancake batter?? I love how you just stay so calm and keep taking video and asking questions!! You're such a great mom!!