Saturday, January 5, 2008

Middle of the night adventures

So as I went to bed last night, I walked past Jack, and said to myself, "I can't believe I finally got a kid who sleeps through the night." Guess who woke up, when DH came to 2:22? So I ignored him, and it seemed as if he was going back to sleep. Then PARKER....came in...and he sat right up! When Parker left, he lost it. So I got up, and tucked him in between us. All the while, Parker is in the living room with all the lights on. All of a sudden, I hear him say, "HI!", he sits up, climbs over me, and kicking me, and putting his butt in my face, and leaves. I can hear him, walking around the house, laughing and talking to Parker, who is trying to fall asleep on the couch.

So I come out, and he is so excited. I go to make him a bottle, and he follows me. Happy as a clam to be awake at 2:30 in the AM. Then he runs over to what I think will be the chair, but no, he goes into my room, and climbs back into bed.

So I come back out, to deal with my 10 yr old insomniac, who now can't find a movie out of our library of over 100, and none of his play station games, are fun for one person.

It's now 3:14, and I have NO idea if Jack has fallen asleep! I don't hear anything so that is good...right?? And Parker has retreated back to his room, hopefully, because the stuff I gave him to make him sleep, is kicking in. Oh, and I am sitting in my chair FREEZING to death talking to all you folks! Well, when you read it anyway.

I have a concert at 2:00, at the State Capitol, in the rotunda. We'll have to stand for 45 mins straight. Usually, we have guest artists, and an orchestra, who do their own numbers, so we get to sit often, not today, it's all us. Early afternoon is when I am the most tired, and after a night like this...I am VERY afraid. But it should be really fun! They have spent the last 4 years working on the Capitol building, and are rededicating it this weekend, and having tours. So we are one of MANY choirs performing for the open house. We'll be on the big fancy stairs, in the main rotunda! I'll be sure to get pictures!

OH...and church... is at 9 AM, tomorrow! Won't THAT be nice.

One more thing, Jack has a sinus infection. I took him in, and was joking with the Dr, we hadn't been in in so long! He's only been 6 weeks. UGH...SEEEMED like forever!

Hope you are all sleeping soundly, I'm off to see if it will happen for ME!!!

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Miss Millie said...

I've so been there! and I have SOOOO much empathy! Hope you get some sleepy sleep. Someone in this blogosphere should, because it's certainly not me! haaa haa