Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh that's right... other blog. Sorry to have disturbed you... :)

On another note, do I not get out enough? How is it, that I have heard of about 20 % of the nominees for the Academy Awards. Goodness...although...It's nice to see George Clooney nominated! Guess the key now...is to get over this writer's strike, so people can fulfill their dream, of getting an Oscar the way they always dreamed of it! I don't really care about the dresses, and all that crap. It really brings me to tears, watching people's dreams come true. You really have to look at it that way. Some of them, have spent their WHOLE lives, for that one moment. It's SO cool, when you put it that perpsective!


Sis Sarah said...

Um, I'm with ya, it not getting out enough. The biggies I've never seen (nor heck even seen a commercial for). I've seen the kiddy shows, pirates, and I did seen the newest bourne (it was nominated for something tech i think) but yup, never heard of most of the movies (and not all the actors either).

I am a little upset that Hairspray was nominated for nothing. What a bummer. Just watched that, Garth got it, not knowing it was a musical LOL.

Anonymous said...

I must get out too much cause I had only heard about Viggo's nom. That man makes me swoon, but only sometimes. Guess what? I can't comment on the "other" blog. You are a blogger snob! But I am watching it with you, my whole fam is watching it with you. :)

Miss Millie said...

I think you and I are a lot alike. I remember telling my friend once that I cried watching an oscar acceptance speech... because "seeing their dreams come true" just made me so happy. And she laughed at me. I never dared tell anyone that again.

I logged on here because I wanted to talk to you about American Idol. I still can't get your blog to come up... and I'm so excited for tonight. It's gonna be good times, that's for sure. I've already made my rice krispie treats.