Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Suz-a-bell!!!!

My LITTLE OLD!!! haha, Which of course means I AM!!! Seriously, how cute is she. I was 6 when she was born, and I was such a little mother. SHE...remained 6, till she was I think 16, I allowed her to growup. Yes, I've always been a control freak.

Today, she is an AMAZING mom, and I look up to her SO much. I would gush more, but she'll get annoyed, and I need to get this post written before it's not her bday anymore!! Here are some more pictures...I'm SURE she'll love!! I do, and it's MY BLOG!!!


Cindy said...

Sisters are special!! At least that is what I tell my daughters. I never had one!! You are very lucky.

Dave from Boston said...

Jenny, thanks for the comments. Please say "Happy B-Day" to Suzie from me, and "hello" to Heather.


P.S. I said Hi to Tim