Thursday, January 3, 2008


So I found this site that gives free layouts for blogs. Spent the better part of my day looking at them, instead of cleaning...*rolling eyes at myself* Found a few I liked!

So I did what it told me to do, and voila! it was cute! But ALL my links are gone. ALL OF THEM!!!

On my... I almost puked.

So...if you would like to be included on my blog friends me, or leave a comment with the link.

It is SO the story of my life.

Anyway...enjoy the sweet giraffe...:)


MRKH said...

Hey, I'd love to be linked!

Anonymous said...

Me too Me too!!!

Shanna said...

Hey Jenny! I looked real quick and then just sent you an email and came back and realized you have me as a link already, so, ignore the email! I love the new look it's way cute. Shanna

Miss Millie said...

Don't you love it when that happens? I try to change my layout every now and then and I learned the first time that it deletes your links, so now I write them all down before I change it and then I put them back on later.

This is a very cute layout, I must say.

and kudos to you for not doing the cleaning! yahoo!!

Anonymous said...

Here's me: