Wednesday, January 30, 2008

200th Post!!!!!

So I wanted to mark my 200th post in a cool way. I've been having a rough time lately, so I thought I would make a list of 200 things that bring me Joy. They are not really for you... but for me, to look back on. Isn't that what a Blog/Journal is all about? For the record I started it on Jan 9th, and finished it today, Jan 29th. I was going to organize them, but thought it was a little peak into the way I think...can you say ADD???

Things with an * have made me cry on at least one occasion:

1 twix
2 twizzlers
3 when Ellen has "Normal" people on her show!
4 shiney hair
5 being called princess
6 * nick's laughter
7 * jacks giggle
8 * blogging
9 taking pictures of the kids
10 snow covered trees
11 freshly shoveled sidewalk
12 brand new socks
13 jeans that covers the boys bums
14 * american idol
15 dancing with the stars
16 * greys anatomy
17 Barry Manilow
18 Ewan McGragor
19 Patrick Dempsey
20 * Kristine Chenowyth
21 when Dad plays games with the kids
22 lines in the carpet after vaccumming
23 shiney clean car
24 The week, two weeks after,and two weeks before a new haircut.
25 the sound of snow plows going by, while I'm still in bed
26 the sound of the car pulling out of the driveway, with ALL the kids in it, and I'm in the house
27 the sound of the heat coming on, when it's cold
28 silence
29 marshmellos
30 skittles
31 new bras
32 mashed pots and gravy
33 DVR
34 digital TV
35 the abitlity to rewind, and fast forward, TV
36 * babies asleep on me
37 * friends named Jamie. I have LOTS that I LOVE!!
38 Star Wars
39 Dumb and dumber
40 netflix
41 giraffes
42 the stress of christmas is over
43 the mountains
44 a full moon
45 sunsets
46 * cards, from loved ones
47 brand new crayons
48 being on tv
49 olive garden
50 wendy's
51 taco bell
52 carls jr
53 baby sneezes
54 * in utero hiccups
55 the first time some asks if your pregnant
56 first kisses
57 * feeling the spirit
58 11:00 church
59 * people who love me
60 when I fix something by myself
61 planning little kids bday parties
62 sometimes….nakedness
63 my body pillow
64 off buttons on toys that make noise
65 loud and louder buttons, on toys that make noise
66 lounge pants that feel like a blanket
67 silence, in the middle of the day
68 when all the kids are asleep
69 the perfect shade of pink
70 when someone brings me dinner, and my kids like it
71 when Papa Johns or Dominoes knocks on the Door
72 * donny osmond
73 * mormon tabernacle choir
74 * singing in a beautiful hall
75 * when people are generous, towards me
76 when I get free tickets for a play
77 when jack shows me his belly
78 when I see the scar on his belly, that reminds me he has a shunt, that saved his life
79 * Jacks cleft lip
80 getting out of the shower to a freshly washed towel, straight out of the dryer, still warm
81 getting in touch with people you thought you had lost.
82 parker retelling me something funny that happened
83 emma talking about Dane
84 helping someone in need
85 * suprising my mom
86 my husbands face
87 jumping into a pool when it's 100 + degrees
88 going to dinner with girl friends
89 * nick, parker, emma, jack
90 those really really really soft blankets
91 talking to my nieces on the phone
92 instant messenger
93 silly emails
94 * when emma has empathy
95 * when jack has empathy
96 * thinking about my time at BYU
97 my cozy bed
98 great color of lip gloss
99 singing with an orchestra
100 singing in a choir
101 crawling into bed, and falling asleep right away
102 getting to sleep in
103 * when my phone rings, and it's someone I love
104 taking off my pants, and putting on sweats
105 * feeling the spirit when you least expect it
106 buying stuff on SALE!!!
107 Old Navy's 75 % off sale
108 holding SOMEONE ELSES newborn
109 a surprise IM from a friend
110 how much Emma loves my mom
111 When Jack hands me the remote, cuz he wants to watch Singing time!
112 when people do what I ask, when I ask it
113 * when some one asks "how are you" and means it
114 babies in soft jammies
115 * the American Idol theme Song
116 * Mack Wilberg Arrangments
117 * Wicked
118 * Suessical
119 * Joseph
120 watching skinny girls hurt themselves exersising
121 tap water in the winter
122 Pampered Chef Quick stir pitcher
123 * looking at pictures of Jack, before his lip repair
124 hairspray you use
125 "Hairspray" the movie
126 bar soaps becoming obsulete
127 * when I can repeat lines of movies my kids…have never seen before. They think I'm psychic!
128 * feeling the spirit, in a secular meeting
129 * peeing after you've been holding it too long
130 googling someone you love, and finding them
131 having a connection with someone you have just met, because they also have a child with special needs
132 * making out with someone you are totally in love with
133 making out in general, but it's been a while! ;) can you say NCMO?
134 laughing till your face hurts
135 when I'm in front of a crowd, and I make eye contect with someone, and we exchange a warm smile!
136 freshly shaved legs, on me…of course
137 emma's smile
138 when emma brings me a drink, and I didn't ask her too!
139 taking the perfect picture/catching the moment exactly
140 sleeping pills
141 * when I realize my headache has gone away
142 when I perform a beautiful song, and it makes someone cry. I Loved it when I sang to my gramma, and she would cry.
143 roller skating
144 waking up to a foot of snow
145 when the boys shovel
146 Thinking about all that the I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH made happen
147 an empty dishwasher, and full dish cupboards
148 a new pair of pants
149 a new shirt, that fits perfectly, and you didn't try it on in the store!
150 an UNINTERRUPTED hot shower, ALONE
151 skor bars
152 ice cream with candy or cookies in it
153 girl scout cookies- Samoas, tagalongs, and thin mints
154 * when Emma's hair has NO STATIC!!!
155 when my mom is proud of me
156 signing time
157 when jack falls asleep the FIRST time I try
158 when I go to put on my shoes, and they are right where I thought they were…BOTH of them
159 finding the perfect purse
160 when Jack whines at Nick to pick him up
161 acrylic nails, on ME
162 water, in a plastic cup only
163 baby animals
164 the muppets theme song
165 * songs from the 80's
166 when I meet someone with some of the same DX's as Jack
167 cheesecake
168 Oreo Snacksters
169 orange chicken from Panda Express
170 * watching babies being born, on tv, I cry everytime
171 Watching Emma's birth, it is over whelming, in a good way
172 when someone says to me…"You clean up good!" although…maybe it means I should look nice more often ;)
173 when Elizabeth Hasselbeck says, what I was thinking!!
174 when Simon says, what I just said!!
175 * when I pick Jack up, and he puts his head on my shoulder
176 * Extreme Makeover Home Edition
177 * ER, the TV show…NOT the place
178 * Friends, I can tell you what happens on every episode, in the first 30 sec, and repeat line from it
179 * "Beaches" the movie
180 * Beaches you go to
181 The Atonment
182 jammies with feet
183 singing for old people
185 LR, LC, MW, SF, BP, NB, NK, RW, JS, ST, TG, VW, BB, PP, TB, ND, DJW, EC, KJ, HR, JB, KP
186 Shriner's, everytime
187 taking a nap in the middle of the day, and actually sleeping
188 When DH brings home dinner
189 impromtu get togethers with friends
190 carmel apple empanada's
191 learning a new song, being directed by the composer, and it's the first time HE'S heard it, NOT in his head
192 a kitty purring, just cuz you're in the room.
193 when I go to the ER with an agenda, and they agree!!!
194 * going to the temple, and seeing someone you love there
195 people with personality, AND no ACCENT, working the drive thru
196 When I call my Dr office, and the nurse in triage knows me, but most importantly...Jack
197 * Pictures of the savior, drawn in a way I can personalize Him.
198 * mens choir singing 4 parts
199 Walking through a room, and not stepping on something
200 Looking at this list, when I'm having a particularly crappy day, and realizing how many things acutally bring me joy!!!


Anonymous said...

It was fun to find some things out about you.

Shanna said...

Congrats on the 200th post my friend! WOW! I loved the list by the way. I did read every single line. When you relly stop to think and "count your blessings" and "joys" there are a lot! I enjoyed reading them. Blog on.

Mandy said...

Wow that was quite the post, it has given me an idea to maybe post some of my favorite things.

Erika said...

Many of your favs are mine too: 68, 102, 104, 114, 188...68 has to be one of my all time favs! And one I have to add to your list: going shopping with no kids!

Amber Anne said...

Congratulations! You are a very good blogger and I am proud of you. Your list is fabulous. Love, Amber

Fowler family said...

Wow! 200th! I idol you! I just barely got half that far. I am a slogger (slow blogger).

I loved the one where you said Jack's cleft lip, and then when you said pictures of him with before repair (with an asterix). I too just love to look back at those pictures. There's just so much love and memories of all we've been through and how far we've come.

Oh, and the new bras one, is totally one of my favorite things. I always feel so excited to get dressed if I've gotten a new bra (which isn't too often sadly).

And lastly, your papa johns one is making my stomach grumble...