Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random thoughts

I wanted to tell you a few things.

~About Pres. Hinckley's passing... SO MANY neat stories. Here are a couple, you might not have heard about if you don't live in Utah. This one was about how teens did what they could to show their respect. This one was so sweet, it brought me to tears. Not hard lately, but still, it was nice. Be sure to watch the video. The funeral is on Sat. and he will lie in state, Thursday till then. I hope we can go. It's one of those once in a lifetime things ya know?

On a completely different note...

~The kids wanted to play spoons, and this time, Emma decided she would play. To guarantee she would continue to play, we/I made sure she won, the first few hands. Then I was trying to let her play by herself. Let me see if I can paint the picture.

She had 3 six's. I was watching, waiting for that last six. 'Cuz when you get 4 of a kind, you grab a spoon. So Parker also knew she was close, and he was actually the one who gave her the last six. So Parker and I, both know she has all 4. She hadn't figured it out yet. So I'm watching her, as she gingerly separates them, so she can see what she has. All the while Parker is saying..."Emma, when you get 4, get a spoon." over and over. She continues to fan them, FINALLY gets them fanned out, and we are all waiting for her to grab a spoon. Then...she starts to count them... (in a whisper-totally unaware we are all staring at her) pointing at each card... one... two... three... four... Then her face lit up, and she looked down...realizing she had to grab a spoon, before anyone else did, and SNATCHED it...cackling all the while! Then Parker and I grabbed ours, and left Nick in the dust!! She was SO proud of herself! Oh...my... goodness... I was laughing so hard, there were tears, and no noise. *sigh*

Just now, she said to me, "Are Dragons real?" I said no. "Are tigers real?" Yes. "Are giants real?" No. "Phew!" ...oh that girl...

~Jack did the sign for "hurt" today! I was SO shocked! We do SO MANY signs with him. He only has like maybe 5 signs he does spontaneously. You know, like on his own, without being prompted. He does: drink, more, fish, shoes, and pig (for every animal) He copies a ton, and recognizes even more. It's frustrating, cuz i feel like he's not doing as much as he could, and exciting when he actually does it. As far as words...um...ya. Mom, Huh?, Uh oh, ya that would be it. We are going to try increasing his speech therapy from 2 to 3 times a month. We also started MusikGarten at Early Intervention. So far(we've been 3 times)...he just sits on my lap. But I think that will help his speech too. There are other kids his age talking, AND... he LOVES music and dancing. So we'll see...

~Guess who picked the glue off...well, it wasn't me!! haha, luckily, it has healed nicely! Probably cuz it wasn't that big to begin with!! *rolling eyes at myself*

~And...we are having the most GLORIOUS snow!! Oh how I love it. Monday we were BLASTED!!! Still have like 6 inches in the backyard. They say tonight...while I'm sleeping :) ...we'll get 3-6 more! And more the end of the week! WOO HOO!!! Seriously love it!! I'll get a picture in the AM!!! Cuz I know you can't wait to see it! ;)

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The Forney Four said...

You are wonderful!!!

If you go to the funeral or the viewing, let us know how it is. I wish I could be there.