Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adventures in Mothering

After Jack and I picked up Emma from school, I thought it would be fun to go to lunch somewhere with a play place. Emma was SO excited!! So we are getting out of the car-always a task- and for some reason, I had the passenger door open. I got Jack out, and turned around to close the door, and realized, by the screams erupting from Jack, I had swung him into the open door. So I just hugged him, and let him scream for a minute. Then I said, "Let me see baby..." And then...there was blood. Now mind you...I never like to SEE blood on the baby, but this time was MY FAULT. And remember, we are getting out of the car at a fastfood restaurant. Oh, and I have NO diaper bag, since we went on a whim. So I have a SCREAMING baby, blood coming faster and faster, and no means of blotting it. Oh, and did I mention Emma, standing in the parking lot saying..."MOOOOM...can we go in now... PUUULLLLEEEEAAASSSE??!?!?!?!?!?!?" I kept telling her, he was bleeding...but she way too lost in her own fast food stuper, to realize Jack was bleeding.

So I sat in the passenger seat, trying to calm Jack and find something to stop the bleeding. I found a napkin from a previous fast food bag...yes ...I know I have a problem...and realize it is FREEZING outside, and Emma is still in the parking lot. So I tell her to get back in the car, she climbs in the car thru the sliding door, and stands in the open doorway. Dancing. So I tell her to close the door, and proceed to close mine. Jack is thrashing about, so blood is getting all over him, and then Emma starts screaming...because...I HAD SHUT HER FINGERS IN THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... My... Hell.

Now I have a bleeding, screaming two yr old, and a throbbing ring fingered, screaming 5 yr old. I think Jack realized his was now less traumatic, and stopped crying. Of course Emma being the drama queen she is, is SCREAMING!!!! So I get the head lac, to stop bleeding long enough to evaluate it, to see if a drive to PCMC is in order. But now I play the game I love. DO I take him ALL the way up there, do I run to the store that is 50 yards away and buy steri strips, do I call my dr office, and see if they will fix it. So I take a picture of it with my phone, and send it
to my Mom's email. She says, "I can't see anything!" Ugh.

So I called my Dr office, and of course, it's Wed and MY Dr is off, and NOW...they are at lunch. I may have said this before, but when it comes to Jack, I don't trust just anyone with him. So I decided to go up to the ER. I get up there...and once again... there are NO parking spaces. I had to park at the other end of the hospital, and go in the back way to the ER. They said, "What can we do for you?" I said, "Just gimme some glue, and I'll be on my way." Cuz half way up there, I's RSV season. WHAT was I thinking? The place was FULL of hacking kids.


They put some lidocane on his forehead, and made a head band out of lasted like 5 mins. But I did get some wicked cute pictures. :)

So anyway, we finally get called back, and they put us in a trauma room. *sigh* again. A 2 bed room with a curtain to separate the two. Need I remind you, Jack is not sick.'s the trauma room they use when the bring kids in, in an ambulance. We were actually in the adjacent room, when Emma got her staples, and there was a very sick little girl in there, while Emma and I waited for her staples.

So then I start panicking...looking around. I saw the huge digital clock on the wall, and wondered how many times, someone had looked up at that clock, and said..."Time of death". I saw the chest tube kits, the arterial line kits, the trach kits. was bad.

Then I looked at my sweet little boy, with his tiny head lac, running around the room pushing the stool. I said to him, let's dance, and bring some happiness to this room. So we did.

I told the Dr I figured he'd only need some glue, and to have it irrigated, since I DID hit him with a dirty door, and blotted it with a napkin that was floating around in the car. He agreed. So the nurse came in and irrigated it, and put another "bandaid" on it. Um ya, the first one lasted longer, but again, I got a picture first. Right after I took the picture, he reached up, grabbed it, and threw it on the floor. *rolling eyes*

I love it when the Dr's agree with me, and he got his head glued back together and they sent us on our way.

I HAD to go to the cafeteria, and get my favorite white coco, macadamia cookies, and there was a lady playing the harp in the foyer. Jack thought it was SO cool!!

So that was OUR adventure for the day! I'm pooped...and the baby has a shiny purple dab of glue holding his forehead together. ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW what a day! you are super Mom!
Don't forget that! Glad things are peaceful now? How are Emmas Fingers?

nickparkemjamom said...

Oh YA!!

She was fine as soon as I got her some chicken nuggets!

*rolling eyes*

Cindy said...

Oh, my!! Isn't it amazing the things us moms survive!! I hope you had a good nights rest after a crazy day!! And I hope today is much much quieter!!

Sis Sarah said...

What a crummy day, ugggg. Glad it turned out well and hope they didn't pick up any thing nasty at the ER.

Anonymous said...

OMH! That sounds like our days. Glad you made it home with only 2 injured kids, hate to have seen what happened if you had the other two with you. JK! Ya know I love you right? :)

The Forney Four said...

okay that was hilarious. but in a bad way. I'm so sorry. I just want to squeeze jack each time I see his pictures.

So glad you danced in the er... it makes everything feel better, doesn't it!!

Laura said...

Oh, dear. poor little jack & emma! glad you survived. i tell you, you are super mom! way to handle it! :)

nickparkemjamom said...

Ya...super mom...that's me!

Amy, I was telling me friend the story, and she said, "See, that's why I only have 2 kids!" I said..."I ONLY HAD TWO KIDS WITH ME!!!"

It was funny!

And for the record, it really was fine. Jack was SO good, and Emma was fine with in an hour.

And Millie, was funny!!!

Mandy said...

Wow what is up with you and PCMC? How much is your ER copay? I probably would have gone to Instacare first because it is cheaper. Glad it all turned out ok and hopefully you guys didn't "catch" anything. I am a hypochondriac and fear that all the time.

nickparkemjamom said...


After PCMC ER told me Jack could not go to the RTU, I don't dare take him anywhere else. He is SO complicated, he scares people and Dr's who don't know him. And last time I went to instacare with him, he ended up in the hospital anyway.

I take the older boys to instacare!! :)