Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dear Gramma,

Today marks 5 years since you left us. The day you died, was SO special to me. You had been hanging on, and I was so worried you were waiting to meet Emma. We were about 3 weeks from her due date, and I just knew you couldn't wait to meet her.

You were so peaceful lying in your bed. I came into talk to you, hoping you could hear me. I told you all about my baby shower I had had that day, and how much I wished you could have been there to see ALL THE PINK!! I asked you, if you wouldn't mind going to heaven, to meet Emma. I asked you to tell her all about us, tell her all our funny stories, and teach her all the things you taught me. I kissed you on the forehead, told you I loved you, and left the room.

That night you took my advise! While I was sad you were gone, I was SO happy you and Emma were laughing in heaven. A few weeks after she was born, she was asleep in her car seat, at me feet. I looked down at her, and her head was tipped back with her mouth WIDE open, catchin' flies. Just the way you always slept in your chair. You always made us check your pulse, or hold a mirror under your nose, when you slept like that. The moment I saw her asleep like that, I saw you telling her, "Ok Emma, when you fall asleep, be sure to let your head fall back, and your mouth fall open, it TOTALLY freaks them out!!!" I cried, and laughed at the same time. At that moment, I knew you had been together, before Emma came to us.

Gramma, Emma has your dry, witty sense of humor. I also know, you were with Jack, and sent him to us safely. I think he also has your sense of humor. But I do appreciate you not telling HIM to do that.

I miss you so much, sometimes it hurts. You were the best Gramma I could have asked for. I will always remember our trips to Road Island, our many sleep overs, and how you would talk to me when I called you, to talk about nothing. I remember how I only new your phone number cuz it made a cool pattern on the phone. When ever I smell coffee and bacon, I am laying in bed at your house, after a sleep over, or in RI. I miss Sunday dinners, picking blueberries from the front yard, seeing the crosswords puzzle books in the bathroom-with the front of the books pages folded back and half done, and the butter rum life savers, that were ALWAYS in your purse. I can hear the squeak of the metal cupboard, that held the sugar cereals, Mom wouldn't let us have, and the lid of the always full candy jar. Sometimes, I'm in your living room, playing cards with you, or sitting under the tree in the front yard watching the birds.

Thank you for everything you gave me, for your unconditional love, and for just being my Gramma.


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Cindy said...

Awe,that is so sweet and touching. Thanks for sharing.