Saturday, September 22, 2007

Updates and thoughts...

I've had so many deep thoughts this week, I realized I haven't given any updates! So here goes...

On being a guest speaker:

It went great! It was so fun. And people had really good questions. It's funny how when you tell a story, you don't realize what you've left out. Some were medical questions, some emotional. The professor asked, "Where do you find your strength?" How's that for a loaded question. The number one thing I said, was FAITH. Faith that he would be ok, faith that we would be able to handle it, if he wasn't. I also said how having support of family and friends makes a HUGE difference, and support groups too. I would totally be in the corner, sucking my thumb(to quote a friend) if I didn't have the support of those who have been there done that... They loved the video. I turned off the music, and let it play again, while I answered questions, so they could see the pictures again. They liked it, I think.

So, of course I forgot a couple of key points, but the most important one...not to terminate based of prenatal findings, I remembered. And, I told them about Early Intervention and how important it is, and how much they have helped Jack.

It really is amazing to me, that not only did I do well, but wasn't really nervous. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact the old me, would NOT have done that!

On being the Sacrament Meeting Chorister:

It's going really well. So far. We've all been there together, it's been nice. Last week, Emma sat with me for the first two songs. She was cute, and so excited to sit up front! I've also had at least two people say..."SURE, I'd LOVE to sit with the kids!" One friend even said, "You don't even have to ask, I'll just do it." SO nice!!! It's so fun to stand up in front of everyone, and see my favorite people smiling at me! I also LOVE to sit up there, and watch Jack. He is so cute, and I love watching Steve with him. He loves Daddy so much!

On Emma's broken arm:

She's doing great! It smells, and is filthy, but she really isn't complaining much. She gets it off, a week from Monday. If you missed the picture before, here it is. She was SO adamant on NOT having her picture taken. She has her own mind, if you didn't know that already! So this one, I snuck in!!

She's been so excited to have people sign it, and shows it off all the time!!

She's even been great about taking a bath, she just puts her arm on the side of the tub. She even does a good job washing her hands!! I'm proud of her, she's been great! Although, her follow-up with urology, is this week, SO dreading it, I can't even tell you. I'm going to call on Monday, and see about some"don't care drugs". ugh

On the boys and school:

Nick is doing GREAT. His IEP is the BEST thing we could have EVER DONE He is struggling with old issues in a couple of classes, but the other 4, he has an A in! Math, the reason we even STARTED the IEP process, is going great! He has lots of extra help, and has had two tests now, and got an A on both!! He LOVES Jr High and Young Mens, and is just a busy little bee. He always has something going on. It's so fun watching him grow up!

Parker is doing great too! He's loving 4th grade, and has gotten really great about taking his meds, ON HIS OWN!!! YAY! Such a triumph! He's really growing up too! He does hate getting left behind, when Nick is off being "older". But that's life right! I think it's my fault. When they were little, they came as a set. They did everything together. So I recognize, he doesn't like being left behind. Hopefully, he'll be over it by the time Nick goes on a mission, or at least when he gets married! I picture him running after the limo...screaming...WHY CAN'T I COME??!! Ok, don't tell him I said that!!! *grin*

On Jack:

He's doing fine. We have another CT scan, a week from Monday. I think it will be fine, but who knows. One thing I am concerned about, is his under-bite, seems to be getting worse. His bottom teeth, completely cover his top two teeth.the middle front ones. I don't think they would do anything now, but it just adds to my worry, ya know? And his ankles are just getting worse. Oh my heck. We are currently waiting for a physical therapy consult, with our old PT, from early intervention. I'm tempted to just call up to Shriner's, and make an appointment. I think I'll wait to hear from Mike, and go from there! His OT, really wants to get some ideas, and helping him walk with his legs straighter. He walks so well, but with his knees bent. His hamstrings are pretty tight, which has always been an issue. So we'll see how that goes!

On ME:

It's been a week now, and I think the meds are helping with my mood. But I've also been really busy this week, with things that are good for my mood. If that makes sense. But... I never, at one point, didn't want to do anything. Ok, maybe a little, but I was able to overcome it, and go for it! That's HUGE!! I'm so glad I got off my butt and did something about my funk!

Also, MANY people this week, have had SO many great things to say. I encourage you to go read the comments. I especially want to thank Lisa, and Dan. You guys have helped me SO much lately. You ALWAYS have the right thing to say, and REALLY support me in everything I do. And have helped me see how great I can be! Even though I tell you, you are are mean(all the time) ;), I really appreciate it. Thanks guys!! I LOVE YOU GUYS...more than you'll ever know! I'm so luck to have you both in my life! And Steve has been great lately too, helping with the kids, and being willing to let me loose a few times. That is a GREAT mood stabilizer, getting out of the house!!! Thank You, Honey! I LOVE YOU!

Well, that's it for now. Lisa dragged me to a conference, and I really want to tell you about it, but I'll save it for tomorrow! :)

Oh, I also added another "Kid-ism"(scroll to the bottom of the page), and you can see all my Youtube videos, under those! Check it out!


Christine said...

That is all awesome news! I'm happy for you that everything is going well. It's nice when everything manages to go smoothly at the same time.

Is Emma's appt. just a follow up with the urologist or is she having tests too? Cooper is going for another VCUG next month. That sucks big time, but I'm kind of excited for the results. I mean, they really couldn't be much worse than last time but they could very well be a little better than the last one.

Sis Sarah said...

It sounds like things are finally going okay. Yeah!!!

I'm knocking on wood for you at this very moment.

love ya