Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's do a One Eighty...

Sorry about making everyone cry. I just have to blog what's on my heart. And that was... BIG time yesterday.


I took Emma and Jack on a bike ride today! I know...HOLY CRAP! My legs are like spaghetti, but we had a great time, at the little park we rode to. Here are some pictures...some...you know me... There are pictures of the bike, and me on it, as proof!! *rolling eyes*

I got some cute video too! There are two parts to the swinging. He was so cute!

Then...on the ride home, Emma took video. OH MY HECK...it's too funny. Shows her tenaciousness... It's 4 min 24 sec. long, so just follow this link... It's hysterical.

And thanks for all the support, and great comments! You guys ROCK!!!


Jenn K said...

"video Taping.. Video Taping..
That is SOO funny. My Emily sings songs just like that all day long.

Sis Sarah said...

Your making me homesick, stop it.

(i like your hair, new haircut???)