Thursday, September 20, 2007

Me...a public speaker?!?

I have ALWAYS hated public speaking. Which is weird. I love to sing, and perform. I've been in many performing groups, and plays. Been the lead in a few. But I hate to talk in church, or in front of a large crowd. I really think, it is because I have to use my own words. I never thought I put my words together well, and sometimes, I hate the sound of my voice.

But something changed, when I discovered I had something to say.

When we first found out about Jack, I scoured the internet, looking for some sort of hope, and support. I found out about blogs, and so it began.

The blogs I found were so comforting to me. It was so nice to know, we were not the only ones going through similar things. So I started my own, to hopefully be that for someone else. Plus it's a great way to keep people updated on the twists and turns.

So back in January, I sat on a parent panel, at the Birth Defects Conference. It was a nice way to ease in, because people just asked questions, and I would choose to either answer it, or not. Mostly did, cuz...well...I have a lot to say on the subject of Jack.

Then a friend called me last week, and asked me to speak to her Psychology class. They were studying, birth defects, and how knowing prenatally affects the parents. Um...right up my alley!!
I was supposed to go the Monday after she asked, but called her to postpone. I just could pull together what I wanted to say. What parts do I tell them? How much detail, do I give them birth defect facts, or numbers? Do I show them Jack's birthday slide show?

So I just tell the story, from the beginning. I prayed ALOT, to have the right things to say. And I made a new video. I put new pictures in, and kind of told the story. It went SO great, and while I was worried about filling up the whole time, I ran OUT of time, and I'm going back tomorrow. I'll show them the video, and the professor told them, they all had to write down 5 questions. OYE! Should be interesting! I'll let ya know how tomorrow goes. And here is the video. Like everything...It's not perfect, cuz the music is messed up in the beginning, but once you are past it... Well I hope you'll enjoy it!!


Lisa M. said...

Very very beautiful, and you do well, speaking publicly. I'm actually surprised at how nervous you are/were/

This is really neat. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Diana said...

You are incredible. I just happened to feel like reading blogs today and Lisa had happened to link to you and you both said things that I particularly needed to hear today. I've always wished someone would ask me to speak to a class because I think I'd have a lot to say, albeit more personal experience than scientific jargon. Not that I don't know the scientific stuff, it's just one of those "not the same kid on paper" things. :) Thanks for this today. I REALLY needed it! I'd really like to make a touching video like that for Becca someday. Thanks!

Naylor Family said...

Jenny, I've sat here and watched this 4 times now...and the tears keep is beautiful, and touching, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!! Little Jack is pretty darn incredible...and so is his family!

Jenn K said...

It gave me chills. What a strong mom you are.
I don't mind getting up in front of people. I found my "gift" when i started working at my last job.
Way to be brave the world needs to know about Jack.

Mandy said...

Loved the video, you are so talented with your computer skills and expressing you feelings about Jack. At this point you are his voice, and it is a voice that needs to be heard. Way to go.

Sis Sarah said...

Oh I soooo miss Jack. It makes me homesick. Wesley needs to play with his bud again.

You did a wonderful job. You wouldn't believe how many people I've told his birth story too.

Do you wonder how many lives he can save by getting the word out that termination is not the only solution.

Mark said...

When people find their own hot button, suddenly it's much easier to talk in front of people. It changes you. It becomes fun, it becomes a part of you. You are sharing yourself.

As a singer/songwriter/performer, I do that constantly. I never get over the nerves, but it's much easier when it's something close to you.


Cami, Jesse and Ezra Plumb said...

This is such a beautiful video. I bet you did an amazing job during the presentation. Thank you for sharing!

disillusioned said...

CAN I USE IT!!!!! Jenny, I'm presenting next week in a class of reg. ed teachers in training. Can I use it?


nickparkemjamom said...

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, for your nice comments!


And Mary, sure...Of course you can use it!! Let me know how it goes!!