Saturday, September 8, 2007

A week of "FINALLY'S"

Here are the contest results...FINALLY...

First of all, thanks to all those who voted for Parker, but alas a younger, cuter child won. ...toddlers... *rolling eyes* Here is the link to see who DID win.

And the caption contest. That was fun huh? I have a zillion more...If I remember, we'll play again tomorrow. That is... if I make it out of church alive. Anyway...Caption...


"Yeah, really funny, I know where this thing is supposed to go. I am not amused!" by Christine!!!

So the other "finally's"...

Jack was fussy all week, in the evenings. Classic sign of over draining. Also the back of his head seems to have increased in size. Just the back, below, of course, where they measure his head circumference.
So after much thought, and worry, I FINALLY took him in. I showed them this picture, and the Dr say, "Well, it 'FEELS' ok, I think he's fine." She's right, it doesn't feel squishy. So that's good. But why is it bigger. Some say it's the light in the picture, some say, OH MY HECK, you need to call. Who knows. But I noticed it first,
caressing the back of his head.

Of course since I took him in, he has been better. Of course. I think maybe he was just getting used to the new pressure in his head. But it doesn't explain the bulge.

Emma started school!! FINALLY. She's is having a blast! I had quite the moment the first day. The last time Emma and I walked into Miss L's class, Emma was a newborn, in her car seat! It hit me so hard, and I almost started to cry, but decided, it would only embarrass her! She is so big! She is so OLD. It's just crazy. My friend was just reminding me all her kids are in the double digits! Goodness, where does the time go...

The first day, they were to bring their favorite bear. Of course I forgot, but luckily, there were some to choose from in the car! Chicken Little, and a frog. Emma chose the frog. They went around the room, and Miss L asked everyone their "bear's" name. Emma's was so unusual, she asked her where she got it? Emma said, "From the CAR!!" Oye...

Then on Thursday, they had a parade, and picnic with them. This is Emma, taking her "frog" to go down the slide.

As I've told you before, Nick and Parker both had this sweet teacher. And when we bought Emma's backpack, I had forgotten, that this teacher, supplies them with a book bag. So now, we have set out, to make her book bag, all pink and High School Musical, like her back pack! Hopefully, she'll still like it for kindergarten. You know, how their favorites change so quickly! I'll put up a picture when we get it all decorated. I ordered the cutest iron on off Ebay. She'll get the bag on Monday or Tuesday. And then begins my own personal struggle of, letting her do what she wants, and making it look "nice" ...hate that struggle!

Then Thursday, Parker FINALLY turned 10, AND got his skate board. Ever since they were about 3 and 5, the 21 days between their birthdays, has been filled whining from Parker. "When is it MY birthday?" "How come Nick got presents?" know stuff like that. I thought it would get better the older he gets. I guess it has just gotten different. This year it was, "Nick won't let me ride his skate board!" Although... he was MUCH more willing to let other people ride his, always with the..."See I can be nice and share"...tag...but still... He is so happy to have his OWN skate board!!

As far as the rest of the week, well you know what happened! *rolling eyes*

Sunday, I start leading the singing. *sigh* I'll let you know what happens! I do want to share this though. My dear sweet Lisa reminded me of something. Here is what she said:

"When Ethan was in NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit), for those longs months, I had the opportunity to meet one of the twelve apostles. He said something very curious to me, that I’ll never ever forget.

He said, and I wish I had it written down, so I could quote him word for word, but it went something like this…'It is our obligation to provide service, even if we don’t feel like the person who is asking, actually needs that service. It is not our place to question, them. It is our responsibility to help them. As well as it is their responsibility to ask. There are grave eternal consequences for those that do not ask for help. They that deny others the opportunity of service, are far worse off, than those who don’t help, those that ask.'

It still gives me goose bumps. He was so close to me, and his hand was on my shoulder, and I didn’t just hear what he said, I felt it."

Thanks LIS!! I'll try to remember that...and try to FINALLY swallow my pride, and ASK!!!


Lisa M. said...

Ah, you quoted me.


It's hard, to ask, I am still working on it. I have decided to find someone on Sunday to see if I can help them.

Since I go to church, utterly alone. There is no reason not too!


And good luck, we are expecting a report!

Sarah said...

You will do great!!!!!!!!!

I know it.

Love Ya

Christine said...

yay for my caption! LOL

I know what you mean about the whole starting school business. Owen just started kindergarten last week and I'm still in shock! I can remember when he was born and Wesley was in kindergarten and I was thinking about how when Owen started school Wesley would be in grade 5. It just seemed like it was so far away, like it would never happen and now we're living it even though it feels like only a week has gone by!

I like what you said about asking for help. I've been feeling kind of bitter lately that certain people aren't offering me help when I need them *cough*my mother*cough* You've kind of got me thinking that maybe I should just come right out and ask her. Honestly, I think she'll say no since she's just not very nice. But at least then I'd know and I wouldn't have to be sitting here stewing over it.

Amy said...

Kylie has that same shirt! Only bigger! I understand the letting them have their own style. It is a fight that Miss Kylie and I have had for a LONG time! Even this year with Kaison was a bit of a struggle. Luckily I still have one that loves what I pick out. Next year is going to be hard- one going into high school one into middle school.