Monday, September 17, 2007

Mommy Merit Badges

Check this out,

Mama Merit Badges

I think I've earned most of them. Personally I think we could prob come up with a few more.

Such silliness!!!

Thanks Lainey, she sent them to me!! I'd link ya to her...but she doesn't have a blog!!! Come on woman!!


Mandy said...

That is cute and creative, do you mind if I borrow that for my blog? Glad you were able to get some happy pills and hope they help you with your "reinvention" which we all need from time to time.

Danielle said...

I love the mama badges, but I laughed a lot when I read normal momma descriptions of doctor visits and ER visits. I'm sure to those moms, it was quite traumatic. But I kept thinking "HAHA! You are complaining about THAT?? 3 ER visits in 2 months, oh gee!! *eye rolling*" Anyway, I love 'em though! Definitely have earned 'em all too!

nickparkemjamom said...

Mandy, Of course you can borrow it, but I need it back! ;)


And thanks... :)

Sis Sarah said...

THat is awesome.

Love the boob merit badge lol

Jacks PT picture is soooo cute.


Mandy said...

By the way I am really stupid and how do you even do a link like that? So that you can click on words and get to a website, I have tried and obviously don't know what I am doing...

nickparkemjamom said...


And anyone else who doesn't know...

When you are in the post, hit light the text you want, go up to the bar with text edits. There is Font, 2 T's for font size, b,i, T with a color box, then there is a picture of a "chain link"on top of a world. Click on that.

Then type in the website in the box. I find it easier to type the whole sentence first, then go back, and highlight what you want.

Does that make sense?

I was gonna email you privately, but thought other might wonder too!

Lammy said...

I found you through Lisa M..... you might recognize me from the meetinghouse....
You have a beautiful family and a wonderful story. I admire people like you and Lisa who share their lives... because so many can benefit from your experiences.