Thursday, September 6, 2007

Parker's a DECADE!!!

Well, we never thought we'd make it 10 years! But we/HE did! What a kid! Before Jack came along, Parker was our biggest "medical" kid! He inhaled a peanut, had 4 broken bones, before he was 4. He had extensive dental work done-twice, before he was 6, and has had more bumps and bruises, than I can count!

What a sweetheart he is. He is also a master ANNOYER, all in the same kid! He's good at everything he does. I keep trying to find something he isn't good at! He's hit 4th I'm sure we'll find something soon. ;)

PARKER, YOU ROCK!!! You make our house VERY entertaining...We'd be so boring with out you!!!



Sis Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Parker

(or as Corianne called you, the other nick)

Love Sarah, Corianne and Wesley

Amy said...

He's so cute! Congrats on making it to 10. Kylie was SO my accident monster. I think she and Parker would get along so well. :)

Jenn K. said...

This made me teary eyed. Happy Birthday! What a great mom that raised such a great son!

Lisa M. said...

Dear Parker-

Happy Happy Birthday.

Eat lots of cake.


I can't wait to tousle that pretty blond hair of yours!