Friday, September 14, 2007

I WENT to the doctor!

Well, I really liked her. And I liked her nurse. That is SO important to me. If the staff is horrid, I won't even consider the Dr.

I told her all of my symptoms, and she feels they are ALL related to depression. The hair... stress. Alopecia Areata is what she says it is. And there's nothing that can be done about it. Well, that's not totally true, I can destress my life. Then it will stop falling out, and regrow. Isn't that nice. And she doesn't think it's menopause related at all. Now I feel younger!! ;)

She also gave me happy pills! YAY!! She said, it will give me more energy! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! *sigh* I HOPE it is true. HOPE HOPE HOPE....

I'll try to keep you posted. But honestly, knowing everyone is out there, cheering me on, means SO much to me!



Sis Sarah said...

I'm glad that you have happy pills.

Now will you IM me already. We haven't talked forever.

Lisa M. said...

I am not cheering you on. I am plotting your demise.


Sis Sarah said...

She just is jealous of your happy pills.

Jenn K said...

YAY for Good Dr's!! Thats great news for you!! Keep on trucken..*giggles*

Lisa M. said...

I so need happy pills-

to go along with my um- heart pills, and my bladder pills, and my- what ever else ails me pills, and my insulin and my yeast infection cream...

Should I go on?


(maybe the happy pills are not such a bad idea)