Sunday, March 2, 2008


So. How's things? S'all good here. Health wise anyway. My heart is still on my sleeve. Maybe I'm just getting old! *rolling eyes* Or seems to happen the same time every 3-4 weeks or so. *rolling eyes* again!

Op rah, has a new show. That should get the water works going again!!

4 out of 6 went to church, so it was a big day! ;) For 2 out of 3 meetings! ;) ;)


I GOT A JOB!!!! That's right folks, I'm a workin girl. NOT THAT KIND....goodness. Although...they make GOOD money... :)

I'm hangin with the Easter Bun ny! I've worked twice, and it's a blast! The kids are SO freakin cute, I can hardly stand it. And it's fun to run into friends. Well, they run into me I guess...haha. Email me and I'll tell you what mall, and you can come see me. I think this will stick. It's the same company that comes into the mall, and does San ta and Easter Bu nny, so I can just do it when it rolls around.



Sis Sarah said...

Yeah for good health!!!! That's cool about the Easter bunny, I forget that Easter is in a few weeks, eek!!!


Naylor Family said...

Jenny, that ROCKS! How fun to get to "work" with the Easter bunny? I'm so excited, this is the first Easter with a munchkin in our home!! That changes things for sure. *smile*

The Forney Four said...

ahhh i hope everyone is feeling better. And why (and where) are you working? Like you don't already have your hands full!!!!!! Good luck with everything!