Wednesday, March 12, 2008

He's fine...ish

Ok then. CRAZY day! Of course after not sleeping. we were late for the CT. But they are great, so it was ok. Jack was so cute. When we got to CT he was fine, then he decided, he was NOT in the mood. He got kind of scared, but once I talked to him, and told him he was ok, and I was going to stay right there with him, he was fine. He was still a little leary, but did great! I brought his koala, he thought that was fun. And the tech let the bear come along for the ride!! :)

So I asked to see the CT, and it looked to me, like his ventricles were enlarged, so I went to NS, and wanted to compare from last time till now. We got a resident, and she came in and said, everything looked the same. And "Has he been symptomatic?" Well, No, but last time his shunt wasn't working AT ALL, and he had NO symptoms. I told her about the prenatal HPE (shouldn't have), and the MRI's, and how we only found his shunt was failing, because of the repeat MRI. So I asked her, if I could see them to compare. We went back, and were looking at the two. They did look the same, so I was relieved. Then she says...are you ready for this? "It looks like he has LOBAR prosencephal, a very mild case." Seriously. I was quick to inform her, he did NOT have HPE. I don't remember if I corrected her pronunciation-haha-and then told her about the holodienencephaly, which of course she knew nothing about.


So once "school" was over...we left. Goodness, why do I have to know more than the Dr? So CT scan is fine. Just a big head. :)

So we get home, and about 10 minutes after we walk in the door, he was just walking, and tripped and smashed his forehead into the corner of the wall.


HUGE goose egg. SCREAMING RANTING WIGGLING. He carried on for about an hour. I was scared to death he had done something worse. He SCREAMED ever time I tried to put a cold towel on it. He finally calmed down, thankfully. This was all before 10.

So just before 11, I get a bunny 911, and have to run to the mall. Then we go to get Em, and rush home to get some lunch before I have to be at work at 1.

Around 1:30, just as I'm taking bunny out to the pasture, DH calls.

me: Hello?
him: Do we have any steri- strips?
me: silent
him: Hello?
him: Jack cut his chin, and I think I can see fat. I didn't see blood, cuz he was covered in beans and franks. I think he needs stitches.

Jack had fallen off a chair, and banged his chin on the way down. So I had a half hour, before I need to bring Bunny back, so I ran home to assess the damage for myself. Um ya, he needs stitches.

We decided to just bring him to the new IHC ER across the street. They were great. But of course I had to tell them what to do. They were talking about using a papoose board. I suggested just making a baby burrito(as Emma calls him) with a nice warm blanket, and he would do better. Which of course he did.

4 stitches, and 6 steri strips later, and only about an hour and a half, I was back at work.

I really don't know how you mom's who work full time do it. My hat is off to you.

This picture I took this morning, he is so proud to show you...oh, and the steri-strips? Ya, he took those of before he even got out of bed. *sigh*

This picture... was just after our bunny 911. I looked in my rear view mirror, and he waved and smiled at me, it was so cute, I grabbed the camera! How cute is he...really now...

Let's hope today, is a little less eventful *knocking on wood*


Mandy said...

That is awesome!!!! Isn't that awful when you know more than the docs! And come on I know PCMC is a teaching hospital but most of the time give me a "real" doc please!!! Your bunny job sounds stressful I hope you are getting paid lots for it. We are actually heading up to PCMC in a couple days to get Holdens tonsils out--so NOT looking forward to it, but he needs it so bad. The first night we were in St. George this past weekend, I don't think Tyler and I slept a wink with having to listen to Holden snoring and his sleep apnea! So glad you were able to get stitches without having to go to PCMC again!!

Sis Sarah said...

Oh what a crazy day. Bummer on the stitches glad he's doing well.

I get to tell Dr.'s and nurses how it really is too, ugggg.

How was the new hospital. was it nice?? We're there gazillion hacking people around??? Or was it better??? I love going to one of our adult hospitals with Wesley, he's so exciting for all of them to deal with LOL.

Shanna said...

Wow Jenny! Bless you heart! You will be in my prayers. I hope that you will have a great rest of the year with no major hospital events.Good luck with your job. I don't know how moms work either. I couldn't do it. Hang in there! I love the pictures, especially Jack in the rear view mirror. that is adorable! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Your life- woman! Definitely a soap opera. Good thing you are such a good singer, huh? here's to a boring, uneventful day. :)

The Forney Four said...

I'm knocking on wood for you and praying all the same. What trauma. I'm so sorry. I hope things are better now. Don't you just "love" how all these things happen all at once? It's like spare me the trauma in a row and let me breathe! please!!

wish I was there to watch him. I'd do it in a minute.

Cami said...

What a crazy day!!! I'm so glad that Jack's CT turned out alright. Sorry he had to get stiches. He is pretty dang stinkin' cute, by the way. I hope things start to slow down for you soon. Or least no more trips to the doctor's office/hospital/ER.

Erika said...

My seem to have many days like this! Compared to you my life is pretty boring! :)

Naylor Family said...

Man, do you EVER have a "boring" day? LOL! Yeah, he really is a cute little dude! Allen is enamored with him too! Glad he's doing well (all things considering) I love the "war wound" as we call 'em, picture of his chin! Man I just want to scoop him up and squeeze the heck out of him (in a good way of course) *wink*

Molly Sue said...

Oh My God could he be any cuter? Not that I'm biased or anything ;).