Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tis the night before Jack was born...

And I'm doing payroll. Not happy about it. I would LOVE to be writing a thought provoking post, about my thoughts on Jacky, but alas... I have a freakin job. And I'm the freakin manager. Don't get me wrong, I really do love it. Today, I was alone, with the bunny. So I took all the pictures, and did the cash register. It was kind of fun, and even gave me a little rush! It is the coolest thing to "get" the perfect picture. SO FUN! SO MANY sweet kids, and newborns, and even a gramma and grampa had some taken to send to their grandkids.

Oh, and just so you friend is helping with an excel spreadsheet, so it will be easier for me! That's why I'm talking to "you". I am VERY proud of myself. I did the whole schedule, and made all the formulas, so the hours add up!'s pretty. Always...right? ;)

SO... I'll chat to my blog, until he's done...haha

Anyway...Jacky's birthday is on the morrow. I think I am almost trying NOT to think about it. There has been SO MUCH loss around me lately, and I've been thinking about what could have been so much, I'm emotionally drained on the subject. There was a young man who came to see the EB today. Didn't know he was delayed, until I talked to him. He was SO sweet, and so excited to see EB. I bet he was in his 20's. But after he left, I got so teary, wondering if Jack will be that way. And then someone else came to see the EB, so I snapped out of it.

I don't know...I TRY to focus on what he can do. And I feel so blessed for all he can do. If I have time tomorrow, I want to make a list of things he can do. But I still can't help but wonder.

So hopefully, I can write the post I want to write tomorrow. If I'm still conscious that is. I have to sing in the choir for Stake Conference, and then run to work till 5. *sigh* But to Jack, I will be gone all day...again... At least he doesn't KNOW it's his birthday!!


Sis Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!

From your little friend Wesley.

Anonymous said...

There are too many moments where I really wonder how my Luke will be as he gets older. Happens a lot when I'm tired or frustrated. I alternate those worries with worries about Luke getting out of the house -- he now knows how to open the garage door, and he can even climb one of the gates that has plexi-glass on it (it is going to be a long summer!)

But then he does something new and wonderful. Last week he said the "h" sound!

Janet (form cA) - mom to Luke (5) bclp & autism

Tori said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! We all hope you had an awesome birthday!!

The Forney Four said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!! Someday I hope I get to meet this great kid.And I hope you're surviving at your job!! good luck missus easter bunny! you're wonderful!

Molly Sue said...

Oh My Ghawd!! The boy is two!! Do you remember what I keep telling you? He's Jack! He's not normal, if he was normal, you'd have named him...Normal.

So, celebrate Jack. Not normal. Normal is.....B-O-R-I-N-G!! And we wouldn't love him any other way.

Love you ALL!!