Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More pictures please!!

Clean up went ok. Nick came and helped me, thank goodness, or I would have been there all day! It was a little hairey, cuz again, I wasn't sure where everything went. Next time will be better, cuz I will unpack it. They've asked me to come back and do Christmas. It will be MUCH better, starting from the beginning. If I can jump onto a speeding train that's just been in an accident, I can certainly take it from the beginning. I get to do all the hiring, so if any of my blogging buddies want to come play with San ta, let me know!

We also took the kids to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day, we didn't go until about 4:30, but it was nice to have the excuse to leave. Anyway, everyone had a great time, and I took lots of fun pictures. I'm totally obsessed now. All I need now, is a really nice camera, and the obsession will be complete. HAHA...

You can find the zoo ones here. Sunday, we went to the park, and had a nice picnic with in-laws. I got some fun pictures there too! See...obsessed!!


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Sarah said...

Cute Pics!!!!