Thursday, March 6, 2008

Job update

Ya, so I'm the manager now. For a week now, I have wanted to ACTUALLY be in charge, but now that I am, I'm kind of freaking out. I'm just back in self doubt mode. I want to do a great job, ya know?

And I'm nervous about being gone so much. I told my boss, I'm a stay at home mom for a reason, I don't like someone else taking care of my kids. But it's only for 2 more weeks, and I know, when it's over, I will feel so much better about myself, Right?

So anyway...send good vibes my way. Good, "keep your brain straight", and stay healthy vibes!! ;) Oh, and come see me! I don't want to say where on my blog, in case I have a stalker! heehee So email me, and I'll tell ya.

And the picture...was taken on the first day, before I started working. Jack looks thrilled doesn't he? Happy, Sarah?? :)


Sis Sarah said...

HE HE HE Yes I'm Happy!!!

Looks like a very nice bunny, and well at least Jack is screaming. Look at the positive (WINK WINK).

Are you going to do Christmas Too???

Shanna said...

Cute picture! I am tottaly sending you good healthy vibes for you and the bunny! What a fun job! Keep up the good work.