Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wish I was sleeping

Yep, 2:48 am. My mind is going a hundred miles a minute. I thought I'd get SOME thoughts out, so I can go back to sleep. I sent a couple of texts out, while still in bed...that didn't help. So here I am.

First off, Jack's bday was very uneventful. Kind of nice actually. He got some clothes, and books, haven't has time to get him much else. Oh! Emma and Kayleigh, according to Emma, got him a bubble mower!(thanx Tami) . He LOVES everything, so he was happy. That's what matters right? I was taking video of him unwrapping his presents, and the battery died on my camera. So I had to drag out the video camera, while everyone waited for cake! ugh... So pictures are coming. Well Video, camera died... phewey... I still need to do his koala picture! I can't wait!!

Now for why I'm awake news... I desperately need a babysitter, and Jack's head is too big. I know, weird huh...

This job, is SO FUN! I wish I could do it care free, but instead, I'm a worrying about the kids. I am a stay at home mom, for a reason. I want to take care of my kids, not pay someone else to. All the jobs I've had in the past 8 years or so, I have been able to bring them with me. Nice huh(not sarcastic :))...When I took this job, I told my boss, I could work, maybe a couple hours in the morning, then go back in after Nick got home, till close. Ya well, it is SO NOT working out that way. I'm the boss, I'm the one who has to work when others can't. I only have 6 people working with me, and 2 are EB! I'm kind of freaking out. In my little perfect world, my sisters would live here...or in the super universe, Mary Pop pins would come for 2 weeks, spit spot my house, and whip my kids into shape. The other thing is...I can't leave Jack with just anyone. Reason number one, I haven't worked since he was born.

So I'm sending out a plea to all my blogging friends...If you or someone you know, can watch my kiddos, for the next couple of weeks, cheap or free... I would be eternally grateful!

Second reason my brain won't turn off. Jack had his well check today, and his head is measuring 52 cm. They are a little concerned, so we are heading up to PCMC at 8 am, to get a CT, and make sure, we are all over reacting. *sigh* Most of you won't get this till the CT is over, but please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I think I might have a nervous breakdown, if he needs surgery.

Oh, on a humorous note, Jack's head is 2 cm bigger than Emma's! ...silly Jack...


Nancy Brown said...

I haven't posted a comment in forever.. but big is better than little. Tyler's head despite our attempts to help that skull expand has not grown for the second year in a row. Meaning the 2 CM we gained doing his surgery in Utah ... is all we have had. Things will be ok. They bounce back.

COngrats on the job. I got a night job as well and am up at 3:30 am... so.... Wishes to big heads that nothing is wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Finding babysitters is hard! I had the same one for 10 years and when she moved it was horrible. And the big head- it is all his big, beautiful, fully-functioning brain. My children all have big heads. But, good luck! Love ya! :)

Sis Sarah said...

I'm so sorry, i'm not there to help babysit. You know I'd do it in a minute.

Maybe emma just has a small head LOL, not the other way around.