Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well hello there! I have a spare moment...ok not really, but boys are out spending Nick's Bday money, Jack's asleep, and Emma is "resting" watching her shows.

So... last sunday, my Sister came to town! It had been two years since we had been together! About a week before, she mentioned they were thinking of making the 9 hour car drive. We decided it might be fun to surpirise my Mom. Um ya...it was! it was SO hard to keep the secret! I am not very good at it. I shop at the last minute for gifts too. Just can't hold it in!!

Anyway, we got it all on video, and of course I made a little movie of it, but the @($*% thing won't upload. I'm not sure what the problem is, but as soon as I get it fixed, I'll share! But there were LOTS of tears, and laughter. Me, my Mom and Suzi, crying, and Parker laughing, cuz he thought it was funny!

We had SO MUCH fun, just hanging out. Mealtimes were a joke! 9 kids, and 5 adults. If you've been to my house...um ya. My oldest boys, had to stand around the table, while the adults sat in the living room! It was funny. But we did good considering the severe lack of space! And sleeping...HAHA...

I have been thinking for a while, to switch rooms with Emma. Our room is bigger, and then I figured she and Jack could share. So the week before Suzi came, I attempted to move...by myself. I got the beds moved. *rolling eyes* Parker was an AWESOME helper. Nick was at scout camp. So Suzi and her dh and the baby, had my old, Emma's new room. And the rest of them slept on the floor in sleeping bags, and blanket's on the floor. It was sad to see them go, but SO MUCH QUIETER!!! ;)

Drama camp was fun! Parker was a hit as per usual. His teacher told me like 3 times, how adorable he was! *proud grin* Emma had a blast, and there was a few old friends in the class too...which meant I had someone to talk to as well!

Soccer starts up this thursday. Emma has her pink shin guards. I crack myself up! I have created a monster don't ya know!

The boys start school on Monday! YIPEE!!!!!! Nick is taking Guitar this year! He is SO excited!! We decided to get him one for his bday! And of course, Dad had to get him an Amp too. *rolling eyes* So it's an Acoustic, that plugs into an amp. Jack thinks it's cool, and LOUD!!

Parker just found out his teacher today, and of course the kids in his class. He was a little disappointed, some of his friends weren't in it, but soon realized it will be great to make new ones. Oh, and he's on the hunt for a new crush too! oye

Emma starts on Sept 4th. Here in Utah, all kindergarteners have to be assessed...before they start school. Sounds evil doesn't it! Anyway, her testing and meeting her teacher, are on the 28th. She is SO excited! Her teacher is new this year. So we will BOTH be meeting her!

And lastly, Jack is starting a little preschool. But I think I'll save that for another post. I have a LOT to say about this here subject.

So that's the update. AS soon as school starts, I promise not to be gone so much! ;) Cuz well, the computer hogs will be gone all day! YAY!!!

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