Sunday, August 3, 2008

And so it starts...

Well it's been pretty quiet around here. Just workin, and hangin with the kids. Last friday however, I set out on a different course! :)

I signed up Emma and Parker for a little drama camp at the park. Parker's is from 9-11 am for the next two weeks. Emma's starts next week but it's only an hour everyday. But it should be fun. The boys have been to it before. The teacher does a great job!

Then while at the Rec office, I remembered about soccer. This is Emma's first yr she can play Murray Rec. Parker played competion the school yr after Jack was born. He didn't love it,took a yr off, and decided rec was more his speed! We found out that he knows all the kids on his team, and it's even coed! So it should be fun! That starts the 14th. Well their first game is the 14th. Parker's games are a few blocks away, and Emma's are at our school- within walking distance. So that will help make it easier.

So we'll have soccer 3 times a week, for the next 6 weeks. And school starts on the 25th for the boys, and the 4th for Em. I can't believe it's almost school. I start to have mini panic attacks when I think Em is going to kindergarten! YIKES! But for know, I'm have medium size panic attacks...

...Cuz Nick goes to scout camp in the morning. I have mixed feelings about it. He is SO excited!! But of course I'm nervous. He'll be gone for a week! They don't come back until Sat! He's never been gone that long before. He's gonna miss ME- don't tell him I told you! :) Jack isn't gonna know what to do! We'll all survive I suppose. We'll have more food for sure!

Emma also starts Dance on the 25th. OYE! We'll see how it all goes. Ya just kind of get thrown back into things don't ya? One day, your layin by the pool, and the next...goodness...

So say a prayer for me, that I won't have a break down tomorrow! And for the scouts to all be safe, and not stupid...ER than normal! I have told him 100 times...DO NOT WANDER OFF BY YOURSELF!!!

It'll be fine, it'll be fine, it'll be fine...........................


We in Minnesota said...

Nick will be fine. They usually find the lost boys quickly and if they don't they will call you.

Okay, how come you don't just relax for a week. Oh, that's right, you are ADHD and, oh look, a chicken... and you ALWAYS have to be doing something.

Hey, when I tell people I'm from Murray, Utah, I also add that it is where David Archuletta is from and then I'm the new popular person. Actually, it just helps them to know where Utah is.

Take a very long, deep breath, paint your toenails, and smile at yourself in the mirror.

Oh, and here is challenge for you....hug your husband when he comes home from work and then smile at him and say, "Hi."

Hugs and kisses to all your pink parts.

Sis Sarah said...

No wonder you don't want the summer to end, wow you guys are going to be busy. Man do I feel like a horrible mom now, cause we can't sign Corianne up for anything.

And I think it's the eleven year olds, that tend to wander the Uinta's (sp) so Nick should be safe.