Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shunt or something else?

One more thing. We all know, I'm freaking out, as the one yr anniversary of Jack's shunt approaches. It's this Thursday. Well Jack's not making it any easier.

Sunday, after I had been at work Sat from 2 - 10, and he was asleep when I got home, he threw up. Then Dad tells me, he threw up, around 6 am. He threw up 2 more times. He was pale, but acting fine.

Today, he woke up around 6 am, got up, and came running back to me crying, and throwing up...again. When I got up to help him, I realized he'd thrown up on the kitchen floor- yes, I stepped in it. He cried and cried for almost an hour, until he fell asleep again. The whole time, grabbing his forhead, and telling me it hurt. He kept rubbing his face in my shirt, and couldn't get comfortable. I kept thinking maybe there was throw up in his nose, or sinuses...or maybe it's his shunt.


He soon went back to bed, but wouldn't let me leave. He laid down for about a half hour, then woke up, and smiled at me. He was fine for a few hours, then fell asleep early for his nap, which he has been getting rid of anyway.

So...I'm back to worried. HA...back to it...always man...just hate it when he gives me reasons.


EmandZachsmom said...

Hi Friend!

So I was wondering if you could tell me how Jack does the sign for hurt? I want to try to teach Zach.

Hope everything is okay and that its just the flu. NO shunt! NO SHUNT!a

Sis Sarah said...

isn't it weird to hope for the stomach flu

I hope things are okay now.


Cindy said...

I sure hope Jack is doing better. I overreact to to throwing up and headaches too!!