Friday, August 29, 2008

Blue Emergency Cards: M to F

You know those emergency cards we fill out every year at school? Ours are blue, always have been. I always fill mine out the first day, and send it back the next. Anxiety will do that to ya! ;) I figured out yesterday, I have filled out a blue emergency card 15 times, in the last 9 years. 9 for Nick, 6 for Parker.

I remember when Parker went to school, getting TWO Back to School Packets, and having to spend the afternoon of the first day, filling out and signing. I knew it was coming, 3 packets, and fortunately, it was at 3 different times. Nick's was during the summer. Parker's on Monday, nnd Emma's was yesterday.

Again, I knew it was coming. But when I sat in Emma new class, while she was being "tested", and started filling out her card, I was overcome.

Last Name: Simmons First Name: the tears started to come. EMMA! I was writing Emma's name on a blue emergency card! Holy Crap! Student Number: oh great...another number to memorize. And then there's the little box called... Sex: F! F for female! 15 times I wrote M! Again I was overcome, to be writing F!!!!!

I know, I'm a dork. I have always thought how funny, they need a box called Sex. Because people name their kids weird things. James as a girl, Leslie as a boy. Goodness. They are the reasons, we have a box called SEX, on our emergency cards! haha But I digress...

So Emma is ready for school! Her teacher is SO cute, and sweet, and excited! It's her first year in public school! We'll have to be extra nice to her! ;) And of course she was SO impressed with Emma's intelligence, and fell in love with her! :) And Emma even came home, and drew her teacher a picture of herself, playing outside! Mrs K, I'll call her, asked Emma what she likes to do. I'm always afraid of this question! "I only like to watch Nickelodeon!" ugh Last week at dance, the dance teacher asked them, " Tell me one thing you did this summer!" Of course Emma said, "Played at my friends house!" She couldn't tell her, she went on a plane to the Atlantic ocean and watched the sunrise!" *rolling eyes*

So she asks Em what she likes to do, "Do you like to play outside, ride your bike, what?" Em said, "Play outside." Her teacher then said, "I do too!!!" So the picture, is of her teacher playing outside! So cute!

Now I should explain. I know how emotional it was when Nick went to Kindergarten. I also know how HAPPY I was when Parker went! But Emma is different somehow. See, when Nick started first grade, I started doing playground/hall monitor at lunch. I did it for 3+ years, including my pregnancy with Emma. I walked those halls carrying her in my belly. I remember the last time I walked down the 3rd and 4th grade hall, leaving to go to a Dr appointment. At that appointment, they told me she had to come out, and she was born the next morning.

About 2 weeks-ish later we, Em, Parker and I, went to visit, to show off Emma. And about 6 weeks after that, returned with Emma in a stroller, to roam the halls. She went from belly, to stroller, to walking around, in those halls. She has taken candy from the office, and roamed where she pleased. We were worried about Parker too, cuz he had been a "worker" at the school for 2 years before he started too. But he did fine. Last night, after back to school night, she wanted candy out of the office-you know, tootsie roles, or laffy taffy. It was hard to swallow, if you will, that she's a student now, and can't have candy whenever she wants! She cried and cried! So, her going to school is emotional for me, and shocking to most of the teachers!

Emma has a blue emergency card, and she is DEFINITELY FEMALE!!!

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Diana said...

How sweet! Her teacher sounds perfect for her! ;) Definitely female! :D

I'm so glad when it comes to emergency cards and I write all of the "shtuff" that needs to go on Becca's that she's in a school that totally 'gets' it and just takes it all in stride. I used to worry when I wrote "seizures" under the special medical worries section that someone's head was going to pop. Now, her school as 4 full time nurses there all the time! It's just sad that her sister doesn't get to glimpse her at all anymore during the school day.