Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i am: a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend (sounds like an obituary*grin*)

i think: I need school to start

i know: the potential of my kids.

i want: my house to be clean

i have: funny kids.

i wish: I could snap my fingers-blink my eyes, and I'd be the person I picture in my head.

i hate: people who think they know everything...Ok..more than me... ;)

i miss: Nick (scout camp)

i fear: Nick will wander off, and we'll be on the news.

i feel: TIRED!!!

i hear: birds chirping, "signing time", Jack's excited squeal, Emma bossing him around, and silence, cuz the boys aren't home! :)

i smell: Fresh air!

i crave: yummy food

i search: For long lost friends

i wonder: What time the merry maid fairies are coming.

i regret: Not working longer at Disneyland, and missing the opportunity to be in the cast choir.

i love: The beautiful things in nature, I see everyday. The mountains, the sunset, flowers and trees, and the moon rising when it's still daylight.

i care: about helping others, through similar trials as Jack's

i always: TRY to see the silver lining, the bright side, to be an eternal optimist.

i am not: always succesful.

i believe: in eternal families, and free agency.

i dance: and I pull a muscle! :)

i sing: ...and I feel better-everytime.

i don’t always: think about things long enough, before I say them...oops

i fight: when you dont listen to me.

i write: from my heart.

i lose: mind. Let me know if you find it, I could really use it.

i win: because my kids are the cutest!

i never: stop worring about Jack, or the rest of them for the matter...

i listen: to my boobs.

i can usually be found: with a child at the end of my arm or on my lap.

i am scared: of the other shoe dropping.

i need: more money.

i am happy about: where and when I work. It's perfect.

I tag: Anybody who reads this and hasn't posted lately


Sis Sarah said...

Good thing I posted twice today, so I can get out of being tagged Ha ha. Very thought provoking.

I must say I don't believe in Free Agency. I believe in Agency, where if you choose right you gain freedom, if you choose wrong, you get prison. You can choose right or wrong, but will not gain true agency unless you choose right. How's that for deep.

Also I know school needs to start LOL and no fresh air here in Missouri: we have hot, steamy, way to stinkin humid icky air.

Amen to everything else, and please send the merry maid fairies to my house when they are done with yours.

Oh but you know what your forgot. The free weekly stanley steamer gnome who magically moves your funiture, cleans the carpet, and then moves the furniture back. I need him!!!

Okay maybe I should post too, but tomorrow. If I stay up any later the baby will wake up, cause that's my luck.

The Forney Four said...

I miss hearing from you... I hope things are good!

I loved this post. I might have to steal it. with your permission, of course.

Cindy said...

This is cute and I stole it!!