Saturday, August 16, 2008

Been around...playin'

Hey friends!

Sorry, it's been busy, then quiet, then busy.

Don't have time to tell all of our adventures, but there are new pictures on Flickr to give you a hint. :)

Coming up... in chronological order

Nick turns 13
Jack has his eye appointment
Soccer starts
Boys start school
Emma has her"assessment", for kindergarten
JACK...starts school. (must blog on this later)
Emma starts school
Parker turns 11

In the meantime, I need to...

have party for Nick (one friend + one movie + BOGO coupon for Cold Stone = 13 yr old bday party! )
try not to freak out about eye exam
get his scans from PCMC to bring to eye appointment CT and MRI's
get pink shin guards :)
get new sneakers for P and Em
school clothes at least for first day...I'm cheap. :)
freak about about Jack going to "school"
have party for Parker (he wants to have a scavenger hunt at the mall...hmmm...smell the wheels turning?)

I'll elaborate more later... must start in on my list!


The Forney Four said...

miss ya girlfriend!!

We in Minnesota said...

Love MY boy who is 13 years old. Don't necessarily LIKE him. He did get a haircut finally. But hated me for at least a day. He looks so handsome and at least 15 years of age.