Monday, November 19, 2007

What is going on...

I'm not sure what is happening, but there are way too many bad and scary things happening around me. Babies coming too early, under way too much stress. Babies being born, and Daddy's missing the whole thing due to medical emergency. Mom's not being taken care of by people that are being paid to do just that. Marriages crumbling. Strokes, fire, typhoons, floods.

Seriously, when is it going to end? Ever? Why do they keep compounding each other? Why do too many things, happen to one person. I'm getting kind of sick of it frankly. Why do some people seem to have no hardship. No sickness. No surgery. What the hell is that?

Why can't we all be healthy, and happy? Oh that's right... opposition in all things. I'm sorry, but it's just getting old, and too much to take. Why do I even watch the news? Everything is bad. Dead bodies found, children run over by their parents, by accident. Don't get me started on the War.

But this week, with Thanksgiving, and the start of Christmas, we need to be thinking of the good, hopefully overtaking the bad.

Sure this baby was born too early, but she is doing well.

Sure, some deliveries are scary, and blood is gushing. But medical advancements the way they are... people come out of it "fine."

Sure marriages crumble. But sometimes, when only one person is putting forth any effort, it's just time to move on. (this isn't me by the way)

I don't have an answer for floods, and typhoons, and people having strokes, and losing all their worldly possessions, to fire. But I can say this, disasters tend to bring people together. Do they not?

Please say a special pray for those around you struggling, not that you wouldn't, but well, I just had to say it. But if you would, say an extra pray for my friends!! And I'll say one for you and yours!

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Cindy said...

Sometimes life is very sad indeed. And all we can do is pray for people! And then look around and count our blessings. I will pray for your friends!