Saturday, November 3, 2007

Red Sox Nation

Sorry, this post is a little late...but better late than never right??

Some of you may not know this, but I grew up in New England-Boston...well Beverly, Ma. My Dad was way into the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and most of all the Bruins. I really only got into the Celtics. I think a lot of it was...they won the 1986 NBA Championship, the day I graduated from High school. I remember people with their little radios, listening to the game. And the speakers, would give the score every few minutes. So the room was full of excitement. You can't help be excited with them.

My Mom and my sister are FREAKS about the Red Sox. FREAKS I tell you. My Mom has a Red Sox bracelet, that she refuses to take off, cuz they will lose if she does. She and Heather, have wanted me to get into it too, but I just have no desire. Well...THIS YEAR...was different. I was told; by a mean mean boy, in no uncertain terms, that "YOU ARE FROM NEW ENGLAND!! YOU HAVE TO BE EXCITED!! *sigh*

So I decided to get into it. It was history in the making ya know... And guess what, it WAS exciting. I SO know I am a bone head. And many people reminded me, that I need to at least PRETEND to be excited. So I decided for my loved ones sake...I would try it out.

My Mom has been brainwashing Emma, so she enjoyed the game with me! She told me, "Mom, baseball players spit!" Haha! Then she kept pointing out Coco C r i s p. Yes, that is his name. She was cracking me up!

So really I just wanted to say...

GO SOX!!!!!!!


Cindy said...

Awe, Jack is just too cute in that little jacket!!

I should be a Red Sox fan too, since most of my Dad's side of the family is from just North of Boston, the Lowell area. But, alas, I know next to nothing about baseball. I think it is great that you got so excited about it. I didn't even know who was playing in the World Series until it was over. How sad is that???

Amy said...

Finally, something we might have disagreements over! Go Yankees!!! JK Love ya!