Thursday, November 8, 2007

Illness Update

My sweet baby girl woke up at about 5 am whimpering. When she is sick, she sleeps with me...for this purpose. I reached over, and she was absolutely on fire. I didn't take her temp, but I'm sure it was at least 104. She was talking to herself, and beyond miserable. I got her a cool cloth for her forehead, and gave her motrin, AND tylenol, and a drink. I just prayed , and prayed, it would bring her fever down. We fell back to sleep, and woke up about 45 minutes later, and she said, "Mommy, I'm sweaty!" YAY!!!! So we took off her jammie top, and went back to sleep.

I got up later and was out of the bedroom talking to daddy, when I heard her coughing. I ran back in, and there she was...sitting up, smiling, with PINK cheeks, and said, "Hi Mom!!" Oh my heck, I almost cried! She has totally turned the corner, after ONE dose of the new meds! She is still sick, but SO much better!!

I am feeling great. Sometimes I feel bad telling people I have pneumonia. Just a gross cough still, being VERY productive- if you know what I mean.

Both boys stayed home from school. *sigh* They are just stuffed up, so I'm pumping them up with vitamins, and airborne.

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Christine said...

I went through a period about a couple of years ago that lasted for nearly a year where I just kept getting pneumonia. I would go get the meds and a month after finishing I'd be sick again. I just couldn't shake it. In the beginning it was just a really really bad cough. Of course near the end of the year I was absolutely exhausted. But in the beginning I just coughed all the time and after the first time my dr. told me that's what I had, I didn't believe him. Of course that's because it takes being hit by a train to slow a mom down. Not fair really, a guy gets the sniffles and he's bedridden and ringing a bell to get you to bring him juice and soup. A woman, however, has to be unconcious to get her to lay down (and if you're like me, it takes that much for anyone to believe that I'm really sick enough to NEED to lay down)