Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So Karma bit me in the a**. Oh wait... that was the antibiotic. I went to the same Dr office as DH, I'm starting to think maybe they just stamp everyone with Bronchial Pneumonia. Do I have any volunteers to go with different symptoms, and see if you get the same diagnosis? Email me, and I'll give you the address. *rolling eyes*

OY GEVALT!!!!!!!!!

I do think I caught it early enough. So hopefully, it can get fixed, and we can move on...till the next thing. So I was saying before, how I just knew something bad was going to happen. DH says" Why must you be so negative." "Well, I'm not; I'm POSITIVE...something bad is gonna happen." (I stole that from a friend...good eh?) So lets hope that DH and I having Bronchial Pneumonia, is the bad thing. But I look at my sweet baby, and that's where my brain and heart goes. *sigh*

When...I ask you...will it end. A small reprise...is all I'm asking.

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Shanna said...

Jenny, hi it's Shanna Bott here. We missed you at the meeting yesterday. Even though you were on the phone, it just wasn't the same! I love your blog! I have one too. It's http://thebottspad.blogspot.com/. I love blogging. good luck in getting better. Thats the pits.