Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guess what?

Yep, you guessed it. Emma. Her Dr. put her on antibiotics on Monday, but last night, she still wasn't even a little better. I tried to convince them, something else was up, but they said to give it one more day. I finally decided today to take her up to PCMC- ER, and sure enough, Walking Pneumonia. And the stuff she was on before, doesn't work on that...hence the fact she wasn't getting better. For pete's sake, why can they NOT LISTEN TO ME!!?!?!?!!?

Oh well, she has her new one, and hopefully will start feeling better soon. I am feeling MUCH better, coughing up lots of yummy stuff. But that's good right?? *rolling eyes* And DH is still feeling crappy, but has gone back to work.

Now Parker's nose is stuffy. *sigh* I think I'm going to get a standing order for the Z pack, all 3 of us are on it!

Oh, and I wanted to tell you of the small miracle that happened on the way home from the hospital. My gas light was on, and I should have gotten gas on the way up there. It's about 18 miles. But I was so worried about her, I forgot. Then on the way home, amid all the "she has pneumonia" phone calls, I forgot again. So I was driving down the freeway, and just before an exit to get home, the car chugged. I was talking to my friend, and said, "Oh no, I'm running out of gas." So I went to get off the freeway, and just before the light at the exit, it stopped. Dead. I knew DH would be mad. IS my fault. So I called, and he was in the middle of something, and said, "I'll call you right back." Poor little Emma, said, "Uh Mom, what are we gonna do?"

So I tried to turned the car on, in hopes the fumes or something would get me the .2 miles to the gas station. (there was a sign right where the car stopped) It started!!! AND made it to the gas station. Well waddaya know...I guess someone IS watching out for me!!!


Sis Sarah said...

UGgggg, hope you guys all start feeling better soon.o

Amy said...

I think they just want you to shell out as much money as possible! Hope she feels better fast. :)

annafowler said...

So that's why you guys were in the ER. Sick kids- no fun. Sounds like you are sick too. I am so sorry. I've got something right now too and I feel SOOOOO tired. I feel silly saying that to you- miss turbo woman with twice as many kids as me!

And your post about the reeses totally is making my mouth water- why did you HAVE to put the picture on there! I bought a bag of those for the trick or treaters but ate the whole bag before halloween day. I couldn't resist and it was my "comfort" food while my husband was away. Oh wonderful chocolate.