Friday, November 9, 2007

A Beautiful Tribute - revised

My boyfriend is on TV. It doesn't get any better for me...when Donny is in my living room! And my friend Marie!! If you are new to my blog...go here. :)

They are on Oprah. What an amazing family! I can see the pain in their eyes, from losing their Dad, just on Tuesday. But all 125 of them are there. They are consummate performers, and out there, making MY day, as well as a few others I'm sure!!! What a beautiful tribute to this wonderful patriarch. It was perfect. The perfect blend of humor, and sentiment. I laughed and cried. I smiled through the whole thing. And my heart is full.

They taped it yesterday, and the funeral was today. Here's another article. I really wanted to go. Not that I really could have, but I love funerals of amazing, musical people. If you have been to one, you know what I'm talking about. And I have been to or participated in many, in my day.

Oprah asked Marie why she was doing DWTS. She said, "I would rather climb a mountain than climb into a hole." I thought that was so great. She is such an inspiration. I also wanted to be sure you all see the doll she made for O. (Thanks M for the reminder!) It is strikingly beautiful. You can see it here, and read yet even more about the show. It was fun to see Marie so excited, and imagine what it took, to get that doll made. It was a great moment.

They ended the show with the song they ended the Donny and Marie show with for 4 years. But this time, all 125 of the family members sang. There wasn't a dry eye in the room, or mine.

May tomorrow be a perfect day,
may it find love and laughter along the way,
may God keep you in His tender care...
'til He brings us together again.
Good night, everybody!

I thought it couldn't get better, then I found this. Be sure to click on the "what happened after the show" link. They gave O a 4 generation family history chart! I am so proud to be a member of the same church as this beautiful family, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I too, have a testimony of righteous eternal families, that when we live worthily, we will be together forever.


disillusioned said...

Sarah and I watched it too--I never get to watch Oprah anymore--but was actually home for a change. I was very impressed how they shared that they are an eternal family, Donny's response to Oprah's question of how does a family like theirs (with 9 kids) occur--and Donny said they're really a testimony to his parents, and to their faith. Marie's doll for Oprah was amazing too. It was nice to experience that "together" feeling which so rarely occurs except at like Conference, by seeing all 125 of them there. I find it remarkable that they still did it--knowing their dad would have wanted to. I'm glad their dad went the way he did. I loved how Marie described that he laid down with a smile on his face, and went to go dance with her mom. They are an amazing family.

Lisa M said...

Ah, maybe you are a real fan.

I enjoyed the show too.

I'm not a huge Oprah fan, but I am, an enormous Osmond fan.

I have been one, all my life.

I have a clear memory of sitting in Caesar's Palace, watching them preform. It was a dinner show, and I had a "Shirley Temple" as my drink.

Jimmy came off the stage and out into the audience, and sat at OUR table and sang directly to me, and touched my cheek.

I was maybe ten at the time.

It was great to see their family and I am so glad the older two boys were there.

Thanks for this tribute.

Lynne W. Snyder said...

Thanks for this blog. I missed the show but recorded it last night. I followed your links and it was such fun to read about the Osmond family. We live in Provo and Donny lives just down the hill. What a remarkable family. Merrill was frinds with my husband when they lived here and he and his wife are simply the best. Real people.

Cindy said...

That is so touching when they gave Oprah her family tree! She needs to have Gladys Knight on next!!