Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been tagged!

My new friend Cindy, tagged me! It's for7 random or weird things about me. I'm trying to think of things most of you don't already know,and trying to keep in mind, my Mom read this... ;)

1) I have a boyfriend. Ok, I have a few. And they are very different people, and have different roles. But they have one common thread, they all sing pretty. :) Barry Manilow, Donny Osmond, Clay Aiken, and Ewan McGregor. See...I told you... And for the record, Donny is my pretend husband, Clay- my Son, Ewan is definitely my boyfriend, and Barry, well...he will make me dinner and fold my laundry, while singing ballads!! In general, "my boyfriend" refers to someone who makes me happy.

2) I have very vague memories about my childhood. It's weird, I remember things I have been told over and over. You know, like stories. I remember strange things, and sometimes, when I'm just doing things around the house, I get pictures of things from my past in my head. Like someone's house, or a store, or even an intersection.

3) Ever since I left Disneyland, it doesn't take much for me to get overstimulated. When I first quit working there, DH(we were dating/engaged) would ask me to go to the mall, or somewhere there were crowds, and I just wanted to be at home. That's weird for me.

4) I consider myself an "ambulance chaser." Well Fire Trucks too, I get it
from my Gramma. When there is a car accident near by, I always grab my phone-in case someone needs it- and hang around way too long trying to figure out what happened! You know, follow the skid marks, the position of the cars...stuff like that. This picture...hmmmm, how do YOU think it got there??

5) When I go through a period of buying clothes, I buy all the same color, with a few neutrals. Is that weird?

6) .This is kind of related to #3, but... when I'm alone in the car(which is not as often as I need), I don't listen to the radio. Weird huh...

7) Not that you don't know this, but I have 4 blond children, 2 with blue eyes, one with transparent green, and the baby FINALLY has brown! I think that is weird. And I have an issue with my biology teacher, who taught me brown was dominate!!

Although, Nick is getting darker, and Em, and Jack were both REALLY dark as newborns. Weird...

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Tagged: Mandy, Sarah, Shanna, June
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Christine said...

dominent just means that if a baby has one blue gene and one brown then the eyes will be brown. It doesn't dictate which gene will be passed on. So two brown eyed people could potentially have a blue eyed baby but two blue eyed people won't have a brown eyed baby. Unless...............

hehehe, that's bad of me, I know

nickparkemjamom said...


Dh's family, is very blond, and blue eyed. Mine is opposite. It's funny! I just never thought I'd not have a brown eyed, brown haired kid! Not that I wouldn't have blond kids. I'm psycho, I know! :)

You ARE bad!!! ;)

Jenn K. said...

Reading this entry was like reading about myself. It was SOO weird. I have the same non-remembrance of memories of my childhood. And yes there are times when i remember something random. I LOVE Following ambulances. Its a addiction that i have had since i was little. Very awesome. Good info!

Sis Sarah said...

Thanks for taggin me, i guess I really have to go down to the cold basement and finally update my blog ( I have an excuse, the constant nausea) really.

I will only have blue eyed kids or hazel. but mostly betting on blue.

And I had an extremely dark hair'd little girl who is now as blonde as can be, and then a bald baby that is still bald.

Wonder what i'll get next.

Amy said...

I have some issues with my biology teacher too! DH & I are both brown haired and hazel eyes, we have two blond and blue and one brown and brown. Crazy! I always wanted my kiddos to have blue eyes but man I love those big brown ones too! I totally can understand the over-stimulation thing. Being a big fan of Disneyland and living with a child who gets over-stimulated. I loved learning more about you!

Mandy said...

Ya ya ya I got your tag and read yours as well, but it hurts my brain to try and think up things like that. But yes I need to update our blog. I just figured no one was interested in hearing about therapy and marathon eye appts. at PCMC and volunteering at two schools and all that, but I will come up with something soon. :)

Lisa M. said...

There is so much more to Ewan, than his voice. Goodness. You forgot a few of your boyfriends, but I love how open you are about them. Very cute.

All of my childhood memories are linked with food, and smells. I can recall what we had at almost every one of my birthday parties. How and what kind of cakes I had, ect. Especially smell's. Certain things really bring me back to my youth. Hot, wet cement. Very distinctive scent. One whiff of it, and I'm back to being that gangly girl in the green swim suit, trying to dry off in the hot Las Vegas sun.

I hated Disneyland. NEVER liked it. Never understood the weird dressed up people, and never got the whole fake flowers thing. I did love the Tea Cup ride, and the Peter Pan ride, but that about sums up, my entire love for the loud place. Maybe that is it. Overwhelming to me? Who knows.

And chasing ambulances is BAD. B A D. I should know. I do it too. Maybe you and Jenn and I, could spend a day, following emergency vehicles all day. I have a scanner, and that makes it more fun!

I hate buying clothes. I hate shopping, and I think that is very strange.

Funny about the colours too. I do go through colour phases. Lately browns, for me.

I never, ever ever drive with out the radio on. At least not very often. I love to sing with the radio. Loud, and the windows unrolled. Summer, winter, fall and spring, that is how you'll find me. No wonder you don't know your boyfriend's music. *sigh*

I don't get the whole dominant gene thing either. Think it is a bunch of dung. There was a girl, in my kindergarten and first grade class, who had red hair and lavender eyes. She was stunning, and I always wanted to have eyes like that.

I enjoyed your randomness!