Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"House" Tonight

I got this email today, and wanted to be sure to tell all my blogging friends too!!!

Don't miss it!! This is the group the sponsored the retreat we went to this summer!

We at CCA want to share some great news with you. We have been focusing heavily on awareness in order to reach more families. We think every child and adult with a craniofacial difference and their families should know they are not alone and that there is an organization out there that is ready to do everything possible to help make their lives more empowered and hopeful. To that end, tonight we get a huge boost from FOX TV. If you are a fan of the show HOUSE, immediately following the episode you will see a public service announcement for CCA.

The storyline is about a teenager who has a craniofacial condition. A documentary company is paying for his craniofacial surgery and documenting it. If you are familiar with the show you'll know that Dr. House and his team of diagnosticians always have a tough diagnosis to make. In this case, it is not the craniofacial condition, but a heart problem that confounds them. We hope many families who are not currently benefiting from CCA's services will be directed to CCAKids.org. We've made a valuable connection with the FOX Network and look forward to their continued support.


june clever said...

I thought the episode was well done!

Lisa M. said...

I didn't see it. DO you still have it on your little thing? I also want to come see my sexy HBO show.


I miss cable.