Monday, October 27, 2008

The results of Saturday

  • Dentist appointment at 8 am (luckily his dad took him) He had an absess in a baby molar, so he got it pulled...oops...just realized the tooth fairy didn't come. Whatever...see this post. Oh, and I'm going for worst mom of the year, with these pesky molar infections...

  • Get Parker's costume, and rest of Emma's, and find Jack's

  • Go get pumpkins. Can't go to the grocery store, oh no heaven forbid, must go to the FARM and pick them out from a patch! Ya, SOOOOO didn't happen, I got them at walmart. *rolling eyes*

  • Go see Beauty and the Beast at a local High School. It was SO great! I swear, high school kids get more and more talented all the time!!

  • Go to a Trunk or Treat thing at a school down the street. This was fun too! It was weird, cuz it was so WARM! I had on a light sweater, and had to roll up the sleeves! CRAZY!! Who ever thought of trunk or treats, needs a medal!

  • Try to see a friend I haven't seen in years. Totally didn't happen! :( Hopefully at Christmas, when she'll be back in town!

  • Work for 7 hours. Always fun and entertaining! I love how I can do all kinds of things during the day, and yet still get in 7 hours at work. Being open untill 1 is really a blessing. Although... I usually hit a wall around 11, then get my second wind and I'm fine! :)

So it was a good day all around. I'm so exctied about the costumes this yr. I only purchased a couple things for Parker, the rest, we already had! WOO HOO! I swear, what is wrong with us, that we put so much pressure on ourselves for this stupid holiday? Sheesh...


We in Minnesota said...

Jenny, you are just fine. I wonder also where the truth lies. How come we can't just push a button and know what the truth is?

Brannon: Hi, Nick. How is school? Does anybody remember me? Who are the cute girls? Who is bugging you the most? I almost landed on the cat. Parker, Hi.
How is school? Are there any cute girls that you like? How is everyone doing at school? Say hi to Janitor John for me.

Sis Sarah said...

sounds like my life too. Cute costumes!!! Is nick dressing up?en

Anonymous said...

We recycle costumes. Looking back on my scanned pics from years previous I realized just how much we do. G-Ma spends lots of $ on those suckers and we have got to get our monies worth!