Saturday, October 4, 2008

There may be hope.

If you watch any TV lately, you know how badly today's youth are perceived. But I am here to tell you, I know some good ones!!

At the theater I work at, most of the employees are between 16 and 20 ish. And what a great bunch of people they are. A couple of them, I have known since they were toddlers. -hi ryan:) These boys, make me so proud everyday. I may not be their mom's, but I know their moms, and gramma's, and they have done/are doing, an amazing job.

I love watching all of them interact with each other. Hearing about what they are doing at school. Relationship woes, parent woes. Anticipating mission calls. I especially love watching them work hard. I have been so impressed with their work ethic, and how they look out for each other.

I feel so lucky, to be a witness to good in the world. Don't get me wrong, they are not all awesome, but the good out way the bad, and try to help them become better.

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The Forney Four said...

You need to send this to the Ensign, for sure.