Monday, October 13, 2008

The many hats we wear.

Today is a day, I get to wear a few of my favorite hats. So I've been thinking about all the hats I wear, and how best to wear them.

First up PTA Mom- Hat. It's school lunch week, where parents can come and have lunch with their kiddos. Not that they can't all the time, but the school sets aside a few days for this specifically. Anyway, I signed up last week, to be the parent cashier. I said to Parker last night, "So do you want me to come have lunch with you?", knowing full well the answer. I said, "Well I'll be there anyway, taking money." He said, "Will Jack be there then?!?!" Jack, he wants to have lunch with, me, not so much... *grin*

Then before lunch is over, Kindergarten Mom- Hat. I need to send Emma down the hall, while all this other stuff is going on. I'm sure the bell will remind me... :)

Then Jack's Special Needs- Mom Hat. We have the much anticipated neurology appointment today. I'm sure it will be a moo point("Friends" reference). But we're trying anyway. I have NO idea what, if anything we'll find out. But I'll be sure to let you all know...

Then I get to wear my Older Lady But Acts Like a Teenager- Hat, at work! heehee And depending on when we get done at PCMC, I might be managing, which a different hat. So I guess I'll bring both, just in case.

Just for fun, some of my other hats:

Wife, Jr High Mom, Elementary Mom, Advocate, Singer, Cleft Awareness, HPE Awareness, Friend, Shoulder To Cry On, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Housekeeper, Picker-Upper, Hydrocephalus Awareness, Early Intervention Advocate, Birth defects are Not a Tragedy, Have To Change the World.

Sometimes it makes me a little crooked. It's quite the juggling act, all the different hats we wear, but oh so fun, when I get to do a bunch in one day!!


Cindy said...

Oh, I love this post and can relate so well!! We are an amazing group, us special needs mom's aren't we???

Seems I remember a book from when I was a little about a man with lots of hats? I just can't think of the title.

The Forney Four said...

I think we would be BFFS if we lived by eachother. We could try on each other's hats and have a good old party.


Sis Sarah said...

very well put and I love the zinger at Chris Buttars.