Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tooth Fairy RULES!!

Right before we went to MB, Emma had an infected molar, so they pull it. She was so nervous, but did really well! When they were done, she kept saying..."Mom! That didn't hurt!!" So that night she wrote the tooth fairy a note, and stuck it, and her tooth under her pillow!

She was so excited in the morning! Not only had the tooth fairy left her money, but she also wrote Em a note, and told her how proud of her she was for being so brave!

Well last night, Nick had a molar fall out. Emma was SO excited for him!! Moments later, she came running in to me, SOBBING!!! "Nick said the tooth fairy's not real!"


So I told her that Nick may not believe, but that doesn't mean she can't! So she decided to write the tooth fairy another note,

telling her, that Nick had lost a tooth, and that she could have it. Apparently, daddy(it was PARKER!!)told her, that TF collects all the teeth and has built a castle with them!

Well...this morning, there was a dollar and a note from the tooth fairy!!

Nick was not a bit happy, and Emma has already spent her dollar!! Serves him right I say!!



Erika said...

Oh that's hilarious! Does Nick believe now? ;)

Lisa said...

LOL....that's classic! Way to go tooth fairy!

Shanna said...

Cute! Maddie loves writing notes to the tooth fairy too! Once she asked for a donut.But the tooth fairy told her that it as to heavy for her to carry along with the money. Way to believe Emma! We will see you all tomorrow at the party!

Molly Sue said...

When Buck-Buck #2 had some teeth pulled he was a mess. Crying and carrying on, what a disaster. Upon completing the extraction, the dentist handed buck-buck his teeth and Buck-buck stood up in the chair, looked at the teeth and promptly LEAPED into the dentist arms and said "You're the best Ever!!" The tooth-fairy, was juat icing on the cake...heehee

Diana said...

LOL! What a hip Tooth Fairy! :D Becca just got a tooth pulled, too, only she was asleep. Coming out of anesthesia is my least favorite thing to watch! :P Way to go, Emma! I'll always believe in fairies! The alternative is just too boring! ;)

Sarah said...

ha ha ha...awesome!!