Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Third Eye

Seriously... the stye got worse, but sort of better. And now it looks like a third eye! I took him in, and they can sedate him, or use a papoose board, to "pop it". Um no thanks...he said it's fine running it's course. Of course, I'm freaking out, not being able to pick it, cuz, I'm a picker don't ya know...

He's still the cutest thing ever...even with his third eye.


Anonymous said...

Oohh-I'm a picker too and it would drive me nuts. At least he is still devastatingly handsome!

Sis Sarah said...

Serious picker here. Although I had a sty when I was very young didn't know you could get rid of it, it just went away.

He's still cute as can be though.