Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a free country my *ss

This election stuff is making me crazy. I have debated for a long time posting anything. And if you have a comment... be gentle. :)

I hate how hateful everyone is. What happened to free speech, and the right to have an opinion? What happened to the constitution? Why must we change it? Why must abortion, and gay marriage be ILLEGAL. I mean, when you make stuff illegal, bad things happen. People have free choice, no? "It's a free country!" No? Doesn't feel like it.

How is my neighbor marrying her girlfriend, or the love of his life, going to affect me...honestly. I know all the GOD DID NOT INTEND IT. That's fine and proper and all. But what does changing the constitution, have to do with a civil marriage? What about my sister inlaws, who were married at city hall? God had nothing to do with their marriage. What about all the people married by an internet certified marriage performer? Are they not going to be recognized as married, because god is not involved?

What happened to being accepting of all people? Regardless of their gender, race, religion.

What happened to teaching children about free choice? How do we teach them about smoking? Do we BAN them from seeing anyone smoking? Do we tell them those people are EVIL, and going to hell, because they are taking bad things into their body? Maybe you do. I don't know. But I tell mine, that yes, it is bad for you, but we all have free agency, and they are choosing to smoke. But are they choosing?

How is this different, than homosexuality? I want my kids to know about all different types of people. They learn all kinds of things at school. Isn't it my job, to explain, yes, some people make different choices? What about when someone at school tells them there is no Santa Clause? Or they have two Daddies? How is, the family who doesn't believe in Santa is going to hell, different than the one with two Daddies is going to hell? Or what about families who don't celebrate Christmas at all?

Maybe I'm way off base here, but so is EVERYONE!! Obama is a terrorist... Palin is a blithering idiot. I'm so sick of it I could scream!!!! Tell me the FACTS people! Don't come to conclusions based on one sentance out of 30, someone says. I'm so sick of people attacking each other! Can't we just fix it? Fix the economy, fix healthcare. TELL ME how you are going to fix it, insstead of attaching the other guy.

Why can we not have simple conversation, with out yelling? Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of it, but I didn't start it.

My final statement? Why can't we just be free to choose? Free to love who we want, free to worship how we want, free to choose where we live, work and go to school. Free to buy the food we want, not what we can afford. This is America, remember...Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? I think someone forgot.


Tasha Challis said...

Dont forget the part that says UNDER GOD. I know this will sound like im thinking really concretely but comparing Santa to Homosexuality.... I have friends who are gay. As a person I treat them with respect but I do not agree with their way of life. I dont look at it like not allowing them to not have a life together. Marriage IS sacred. To be honest I think it should be more difficult to get married for everyone. Marriage is already being trashed by people rushing in and leaving because someone left the toothpaste cap off. If everyone would start looking at themselves instead of what the other person is doing maybe marriage would still be placed where it should be. God should be invovled in marriage. Even if the ceremony doesnt include Him.
I teach my children that people have the right to choose to smoke, drink etc. I tell them we may not agree with their choices but we can still love them as Heavenly Father loves them. We dont have to agree with the actions.
Satan is trying to destroy everything that is sacred. Families need to stay strong and even if they do love each other, why should marriage be based on a sin. Again I have gay friends Im not against them as a person but we need to fight against looking the other way. Free Choice goes both ways. I have a right to want marriage to stay as it is. Between a Man and Woman. ITs natural. ITs beautiful.
As far as the election... WHAT A JOKE. The phrase.... "and the constitution will hang by a thread " really comes to mind right now.
Love ya Jenny!!!

Candace said...

Well said. This is a country of choices. Have we forgotten that?

Laura said...

You hit the nail right on the head, Jenny. I applaud you for speaking your mind. As you probably know, I'm about as Atheist as a person can get, but as far as the homosexuality/sin thing goes, I don't see how see how Christians can be so against it. If you support it and it's "wrong" or "unnatural", you may have erred - but you've erred on the side of compassion. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that! God or no god.

Rock on Jenny... rock on.

The Forney Four said...

Ahhh you're such a great mama. And woman. And I love your feistyness!!!!!

Justin Utley said...

Then is it fair to say, that since you "choose" to be mormon, then any state vote dominated by Catholics will nullify your marriage because of your "choice".

People don't choose to be gay, just as people don't choose what color their eyes are. You can cover it up, but only for so long. People should be able to choose who they want to marry. Not be dictated by a society who has proven time and time again that marriage is as much of a "sacred" institution than McDonalds is fine-dining. Marriage should be honored by those who take the vow, and not be concerned with who else is marrying. None of their business.

This is no different than when the church spoke out about interracial marriage. Plenty of church leaders spoke out about it. Took a federal court to overturn the law declaring it "unconstitutional", against the church's position.

Lisa said...

I totally agree.

I've always felt that my salvation doesn't depend on other people's actions, and by and large, I live and let live -- with varying degrees of success, I'm not perfect. I don't care who other people marry. I think gun ownership is just fine -- if you're an irresponsible gun owner, you'll probably learn the hard way where you went wrong. I don't like Sarah Palin for a variety of reasons, and I probably would have voted for McCain if he hadn't picked her, but I get why many people find her appealing.

As for religion -- whatever people follow, if it makes them happy and influences them in a positive way, what do I care what it is?


Cindy said...

Gay marriage is about more than just tolerance of the life styles of other people. It's about four judges who took away the will of the people!! 61% of Californians voted to define marriage along traditional lines between a man and women. Government by the people!! That was taken away from us in California and thus it affects ALL states, because people will try to take those marriages to other states and force them to be legal.

I'm a tolerant person. Gay people can live together, that is their choice. But, do they have the right change the definition of what traditional marriage has stood for, for centuries. And, were will we draw the line. If two gay people can marry and change the definition, they maybe three people can be married, where does it end.

The gay marriage movement, asks for tolerence, yet, if Prop 8 in California fails then somehow just having traditional values makes us intolerant. They will FORCE their value on us. Check out what is happening in Massachusetts. It should scare every parent. We will lose our right to free speech. We will not be able to say that we believe this wrong.

And last, as a Latter-Day Saint, I feel strongly to follow what our leaders have taught us. And that is that we need to stand up for moral values.

Please check out . This web site answers some of your concerns and is sponsored by the LDS church. is another great website.

I am glad that you shared your feelings, it shows just how compassionate a person you are, Jenny. And, I know that you are not alone in your feelings. Thanks for letting me share mine.

Anonymous said...

I hate this too! I just want someone in office that is not a Politician. Is that too much to ask? And I want everybody to get along.

We in Minnesota said...

You said it. Love you. Glad I am not the only woman who thinks Palin ia a blithering idiot.

We in Minnesota said...

But you are right. We all need to get along without screaming at each other. There are too many people who are greedy and just want things for themselves. We need to help others.

Tammy said...

I am going to chime in and just say that I agree with you. I feel that same way you do about a lot of things. I think that people are making issues out of things that really aren't the issues. I am more worried about what is going on here in America and how they are going to help me and my kids in this time of uncertainty and I don't feel like anyone has answered any of those questions enough to make me feel comfortable.

Thank you for speaking out and sharing your feelings. It is good to see others talking about issues and getting people to think and involved.

Sis Sarah said...

Although I would prefer that Marriage stays between a man and a women, I think it's our own fault that it's even an issue. We not only as Mormons but the general heterosexual community have treated them so poorly for so long that really what do we expect, but a revolt.

And the fact that mormons out there still think that a homosexual can be deprogramed, or take classes or any of that nonsense and not feel the way they feel are ignorant fools.

I think it is possible to be homosexual and live a chaste life. It is a lonely life and obviously not many are going to choose that life but it is possible. My sisters will probably never marry because the opprotunity is not going to come to them. They will still choose to live a chaste life.

However as long as we throw mud and ignorance at them they are not going to feel accepted at church or in the mormon lifestyle so really the poop is on our hands not theres.

I think for abortion, out here in Missouri they have different Christian programs set up to help women out that find them selves in this situation of being pregnant and not married. They provide them, clothing, baby furniture, baby clothing, baby toys, diapers formula ect.. Now that is a great way to help women choose not to have an abortion. It is ignorant to ask women to not abort but give them little option as to what to do with the situation.

I'm ready to accept either for president. But yes I'm just as sick of the fighting. Here where I live, I'm just a couple miles from Kansas. So I not only see the presidential fighting but missouri state elections and Kansas State elections and I literally could huck stuff at the TV i'm so sick of it.

Tori said...

well I agree that this politics thing is a pain! But I have to say that as far as gay "marriage" goes... I do not care if they have a union or whatever else they want to call it, so that they can have rights as far as hospital visits, insurance and all of that goes, but I don't think it should be considered a marriage. That is between a man and woman. As far as abortion goes I am with the church on this one unless it is rape or insest the choice to have sex had already been made so we are not taking away their rights to not have an abortion because all the decisions that they made leading up to it was their choice! Abortion is taking away the babies rights. (20 days after conception there is a heartbeat and that is life as far as I am concerned). On a side note though, if abortion is overturned it is only on a government level not a state level so the states will decide on their own.
On another note if you do want freedoms and not a government run America you better really consider your vote, regardless of your like or dislike of the VP, what the Presidents stand for is the important thing.