Thursday, June 12, 2008

They have risen!

Out behind our house, is an irrigation ditch. Sometimes it has water, sometimes it's dry. ALL the time, is has wildlife, and vegetation. It's a hot spot for the kids. Annoyingly so, Parker seems to get poison ivy three times a year.

ANYWAY, we've had a mice problem. We borrowed a cat for a little while, hoping he would catch them, no such luck. We set the snap traps, but ugh, hated the sound. We set those boxes they can only go "in". Ya those work great...if they go IN! The only thing that works, is the glue boards. Thankfully, they are cheap. I hate them too though, cuz the minute a rodent gets stuck they start to cry. *sigh* I refuse to touch them. *shutter at the thought* So Dad and Parker run the mouse trapping business around here.

Well last night, in the midst of a late night heartburn attack, I heard crying. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Parker must have put one somewhere I didn't know about. But the crying was getting more frequent, and sounded like more than one. So I had to investigate on my own. *shutter at the thought..again*

I looked behind the door to my bedroom, and there were two little mice, stuck to a glue board. I had to get rid of them. They would have kept me up all night with their whimpering! But how? I don't touch the boards with things attached. It was 3 am, for the record, and a great thunderstorm was raging out my back door. So I grabbed an empty cracker box, and tried to scoop it up- like the box was a spoon or something. It didn't work, I had to grabbed the glue board, and try not to let the little creature flick me with it's tail. *shutter at the thought......again*

I got them in the box and headed to the back porch. All the while they are crying, whimpering, and trying desperatly to get out of the tar pit they found themselves in. I could even feel them bump up against the side of the box a couple of times. ugh

Since it was raining, as I mentioned, was 3 am, and obvilously, I was in my jammies, I was NOT about to venture across my vast driveaway, to send them to the dump. So I just set the box on the back porch.

This morning, I went to throw the box away, and this is what I found...


No mice or glue board in sight! The little boogers have risen!!! The empty tomb is all that is left! Seriously, can you just picture it? Two little mice "rowing" the glue board across the driveway to the ditch! At least it was raining... And I'm sure they were mocking me the whole way!!!

*rolling eyes*

OH MY HELL... Looks like it's time to get an exterminator...


Mandy said...

HOLY CRAP!!! That is soooo freaky.

Amber Anne said...

You are killing me. I am laughing out loud. I hate mice! We had one a few months ago, I heard it in the pantry while I was making the kids lunches. I immediately hopped on the counter until Michael woke up. He got his bb gun and we waiting on the counter together. It brings back memories. Get some mouse traps. Email when you have time. Love, Amber

Erika said...

Ew, sick...I hate mice! I can't believe they got away. My IL's had mice when we lived with them and we paid my husband's little bro $1 for each occupied mouse trap he discarded of! EW!

Lisa said...

I like the new page layout :)

But the mice....yuck! I don't think I could deal with that!

Anonymous said...

I am struggling between the ickiness factor and the Bambi syndrome (the crying). I don't know which is worse. But I sure don't want either at my house. Good thing for us is our neighbor's cat and my precious little baby puppy both are champion mice killers. Luckily I don't have to see or hear any mice.