Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some random pictures

Some are from my phone, some are from a stupid *** disposable, and the family one, is from my MIL's camera. There are more from her visit, but we're all getting a disk with all 300 + pictures on it, that will be made when life settles back to normal. normal will ever happen!

Anyway, in as random order as they are random...

These are from Emma's last day

This is the teacher all three kids had when they were 4!

This is Em, and both her teachers!

HORRIBLE picture, but what I want you to see, is that Emma is the only one crossing her legs!! She is definitley related to me!!!

This is Jack wearing Daddy's sunglasses at the Graduation!

Here's all da kiddos, after Graduation.

...sun was kinda bright!

This is Jack thinking a snail is cool!

Not so sure it's cool anymore...

He likes it on the car bumper better!

Just cuz I know it's your favorite~

Oct 06

June 08

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Kelly said...

Those are great pictures! Love the one of Jack and the snail. You have a great looking family!