Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pressure's Mounting...

...on the anxiety scale, that is. Oh my hell, I really need some pills. If you look to the right, you'll see my little counter, is down to one. ONE DAY!!! It's such a mix...excitement, horror. You pick. Not even sure what percentage of each. I'm thinking 100% and 100%! Here's what is going on in my head:

  • Get to meet Becky and her family!!! And yes lots of others...but she is at the top of the list!!
  • Kids get to see the ocean!!
  • Kids get to go on a PLANE!!
  • We are going to a REAL aquarium!!
  • We are staying in a BEAUTIFUL hotel, I'm SURE we would never stay in if it wasn't for this.
  • Someone will make my bed everyday, and bring me clean towels, and wipe down the bathroom sink!!
  • I won't have to put on lotion everyday! (humidity)
  • We won't be home.
  • Every one has fresh haircuts, and mine is "in a good place"
  • I found the flip flops I wanted to bring!! One has been missing for like forever.
  • I found sunscreen that ROCKS!! Just spray! No rubbing!! And...it smells good!
  • I have ONE bag packed. Beach towels...cuz we're goin to the beach, Jack's diapers, regular and swim.
  • I don't have to work until we get back.
  • Parker and Em and I are singing in the talent show.

Oh my hell's...

  • Don't have as much spending money as I wanted.
  • Kids going on a plane
  • Planes fly...I don't know if you know this, but nothing is holding the up. And they are heavy. Oh, and don't tell my kids.
  • House needs to be cleaned before we leave, and no one is cooperating- as per usual.
  • We get to go to the beach. (I hate sand in my butt)
  • Jack has a shunt. (I know, I always worry about it, just had to add it to my list, since we will be at 30, 000 feet.) And while we're at it, will being at see level affect him, and then coming back to high altitude??!?!) *sigh* At least he has tubes, so THAT pressure will be minimal.
  • Don't have as much spending money as I wanted.
  • Kids going on a plane (Oh sorry, did I start over??)
  • I need to buy more of said sunscreen. And the two stores I thought had it, don't. Off to wallymart.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • OK sorry, I'm done.
  • I don't have to work until we get back. (it's nice to get out of the house)But I don't know at this point WHEN I work again.
  • Parker and Em and I are singing in the talent show, but not together. So I'm nervous for them. And the song I'm doing, is not working out to be easy, the accompaniment part. It can never be easy can it?
  • Our flight leaves at 6 am. So...what time do we go to bed to get up at 2 am.Will they GO to bed "early". Will I need to drug them. *rolling eyes* Maybe I'll have them, take showores before they go to bed, and sleep in their clothes. :)

Ok then, see...about even. Maybe getting it out in print will help. Eh...I think it's worse now. *sigh*

Just say a little prayer for me would ya?? I'd appreciate it. And if you have any thoughts on flying with kids...I'm anxious-no wait- excited to hear- no wait...I just want to know, K??


Sarah said...

Oh my do you have your hands full. Yes drug them and HAVE FUN!!!!!

Shanna said...

Well, Jenny, I didn't fly with my kids my sister in law did but, I bought them stickers, and markers (the kind that only write in the paper) oh, and I would pack a little lunch for everyone like a sandwich and chips or whatever your kids eat. But obliviously no liquids until after you get in the airport.
If you can, go to international check in. I know you are only going to CA, but when we took our kids to the airport Ryan's sister said went right over there and there was no wait. They send people over there when the other line gets to long. Good luck the flight shouldn't be too bad. My kids did fine. It was Ryan's first time flying and he was a little nervous but they really don't get what's going on. Have fun in CA!

Shanna said...

Sorry My kids were talking to me when I was typing that last comment. It was Raydn's first time flying and he did fine! They took off and they were like the plane isn't moving! We are standing still in the air. Then they flew in the clouds and Raydn asked Jami (his aunt) if that was where Jesus lived. You're kids will do great I am sure!

Cami said...

Have fun!!!!!! Good luck!!!!! Since I have no good suggestions on flying with kids (I personally hate to fly - especially with kids) I'll say an extra prayer that everything will go alright. Again, HAVE FUN and enjoy staying in a hotel!

Brianne said...

Oh, FUN! Have a blast!