Saturday, June 21, 2008

I remember him!!


Quotes heard during the "process":

~"I need my haircut, my forehead is white!"

~"I think I wanna get it short, so I can do a Faux-hawk!"

~"I want it so I can spike it, like when I was in 2nd grade!"

~...whimpering in the car, "I'm scared!"

~"Ya, I always have knots in it", as she took 3-5 mintues, combing them out. (his words again)

~As soon as she cut the back, " Hey! I can feel a breeze on my neck!"

I have long been a believer of your hair is your expression. I liked it long, when it wasn't unruley. When I started seeing signs of "he wanted to cut it" I was almost giddy. Then when he actually said it, I almost fainted.

WOO HOO!!! I CAN SEE HIS SWEET FACE!! And I think he looks older! I wish you all could see his face when he gets, " WOW Parker, I didn't even recognize you!" He is SO CUTE, and proud!

Now, to try to prevent the faux-hawk! *smirk*


Good Remedy said...

What a brave teenager! and mom. We are just entering this contest of wills, how long can one of us wait out the other, before INSISTING on a haircut. I am trying to be patient, but don't think I am succeeding. So far I have settled for "trims" to make us both happy!

Lisa said...

Wow....he does look like a different kid! I bet he's getting a kick out of seeing peoples reactions.
You are a great mother to allow your children control over their hair. Sometimes my older two want to do their own hair (like yesterday) and I just cringe the whole day. But they were so excited about the "good job" they had done. So I tried to be the best mom I could and go along with it. So what I am saying are a great example :)

Tori said...

THERE'S PARKER! It's weird he looks older, but more how I remember him when I picture them in my head. :) Nathan wants to grow his out again... I dont think I'd mind it if it were already at Parkers length pre-haircut. It's the growing out part that is tretcherous!

Anonymous said...

Don't try to keep away the faux-hawk! Kade wears it (before his head shaving) and it is cool! He doesn't even look like the same child. But he is still handsome. :) Missed you!