Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Visions in My Head

Are you this way? You picture something, and it's totally different than what was in your head? Whether it be taking 3 kids to the movies by yourself, and thinking "This will be fine, I can do it!" Or thinking, " I don't want to go to the Delta center, it will take 5 hours, once I leave my house, till I sit in a seat."

I do this all the time. I either over think it, and don't put enought thought into it.

Like all of Jack's surgeries. WAY over think them. WAY stress about them. Then Emma's surgery last summer, I really thought it would be fine, and incidental. Um no.

I'm starting to freak out, because Jack's shunt is coming up on a year old, and the last one only lasted a yr. and a half. Do I demand another MRI, or just go for a CT scan. Do I really want to pay for an MRI, when then shunt will be failing ...AGAIN. Or is he fine, and the shunt it fine. I don't want to call, cuz they will say..."Is he having symptoms?" Uh..NO!!! Wasn't last time either! Idiots...

I'm just so tired, emotionally, and physically, I can't deal with idiots right now. I need to call Shriners too. ugh. Calgon take me away.

This year for PTA, I picked a job I thought would be easy, and toward the end of the year. Volunteer Appreciation. Just make up a few little "gifts". Well, if you know me, it has to be cute, and if you know kids, it has to be durable enough to travel in a backpack. :) So I came up with this.

Simple enough right? HA! I went back an forth as to what to do. Then Emma's teacher gave hangers to all the parents. At first I thought it would not work, but then came up with my own poem, and the hangers were 10 for a dollar at one store and 8 for $ .95 an another. See I didn't want to buy them all at one place, I needed 30 sets. I thought, "One hanger is a lame present, so they need two." So I had to tie two together. No big deal right? It is when you two yr old, keeps grabbing the yarn and RUNNING!!

So I came up with the poem:

You've been in the class, or gone on the bus
You've made a difference in school for us.
So thanks for hanging in there the whole year through
We couldn't have done it, without some one like you!

Cute right? I wanted it on card stock...remember the back pack? And had to feed the paper into the copier. Annoyance number one. and apparently I can't add, not new information. I made WAY too many. Then I have to cut them. In an effort to fit as many on a page, they-once cut- were much smaller then I had envisioned. Then there is an automatic hole puncher at school, so I just figured I would use that to punch the holes, to attach the card! *rolling eyes*

The thing is not see through, and my cards are too there goes that plan. I got a hole punch, and after one attempt, and the thought of punching 140 holes, I gave up, and tape was my new best friend.

Do you have any idea how much space 280 hangers take up? Oy ve!

So the process begins. I have about 25 classes, and varying amounts of volunteers per class. Some had one, while others had 16 or 17. That doesn't seem fair does it. But I digress. I HAD to keep it organized. It took me 5 classes to figure out how to keep one class of hangers together. So I sat on the floor, with hangers everywhere, yarn, scissors, tape and tags(with the poem on them), and the lists from the teachers, with all the volunteers on them. I had to have method to the madness. First I would tie a bunch together, then I would write the person's names on the tags- a classes worth, then tape the tag to the hangers, then attach a class worths together. Good plan right? It worked well for a while, and I got in a groove, but seriously needed help, as my pile of hangers seriously didn't seem like it was going down at ALL. But the thought of bringing someone in, to help me, or taking them to school and getting a line going or something, just wasn't working. It took me so long to figure out what I was doing, I didn't have time to get someone else involved. But Emma called my mom, sensing my panic, and seeing my pile, so Mom came to my rescue. She could see what I had going, and simpley tied the hangers together.

Then I had to transport them to the school. I was imagining I would have to deliver them to the classes, and when I got the the school, I was reminded that it was field day, and everyone was outside. I almost threw up-most of the teachers lock their classrooms.

But someone was watching over me, and MOST of them fit in their boxes! WOO HOO!! I had to deliver 3, cuz they had so many, and only one was locked, so I just hung it on her door handle, DUH! They were hangers!!! :)

So the crazy day, worked out fine. In the middle of it, I wasn't so sure. They should go home, today, seeing as yesterday, the firetuck came after field day and squirted them, just before school got out. So they already had their back packs outside.

And speaking of the firetruck, I was so glad to have made it this year. I missed it last yr, cuz Jack was sick in the hospital. It's my favorite thing of the yr. the kids love it, and there is no scream like that of 500 + kids getting sprayed with water from the top of the firetruck. And Jack thought the firetruck was THE coolest thing. Have I told you is newest obssesion is trucks! The bigger the better! Everytime we are in the car...MOM!MOM! and the car comes close to imploding, as he gasps with excitement! Too cute!

So hopfully, I can start to find a happy medium, between overanalizing, and oversimplifying. If you have some stratagies, I'd be happy to hear them!!



Sis Sarah said...

Good Post!!!

Don't know that I can help though, I live in ignore land, where I ignore everything. Works for this lazy slacker woman LOL. But um, probably not the best approach.

The one part I don't ignore well is when Wes is sick (I can ignore however the fact that the nutrionist never called back two weeks ago, and I still haven't felt the need to call back). Ignoring when he's sick tends to back fire. So I just don't dare try yet.

some day though, i'll get the nerve.

Anonymous said...

I SO always over think things. That's why this a.m. I am freaking over the bump on Kade's foot (which is hopefully not a bone where there is not supposed to be one). But again, I worry when I don't over think. Sigh.

Diana said...

No strategy, I'm just WAY impressed! ;)

Jack would love our new street! It's all bumpy because we are some sort of short cut that really big trucks take so they don't have to go on the nearby freeway or something. That and the hulking gas guzzler that lives next door, but mostly in front of our house! :D Even Landon, 10 months old, will make the "bumpy road noise" to listen to himself as we drive down our road! :D