Thursday, May 15, 2008

More pictures, just for fun

I was going through looking for a picture earlier, and foudn some cute ones I hadn't shared yet, so I thought I would. If you read my post about David A's homecoming, you know my camera stopped working. I feel like my right arm has been severed. I tried to take it back to Cost co, but my 90 days to return it, was up, so I called the company, and they are supposedly emailing me, within the next 3 -5 min. -a half hour ago- the info to ship it back to fix it. *sigh*

So in honor of my fallen camera...enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

The horror! If I take my camera out of my purse it never fails, great photog opportunities. If it broke I would cry. Luckily we bought it from my cousin's shop so I know they would take care of me, to the best of their abilities. Cute pics, of course. Can't fail with the beautiful subjects you have! :)