Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh my hell


This fine Sabbath Morning, I find myself reading the paper, on line of course, my house is messy enough! Sometimes I just shouldn't. I saw this article. Seriously. Wah wah boo hoo...

I'm so sick of the media jumping on a "story", with out having all the info. I hate the word "allegedly", well, Kathy Griffen makes it funny, but I digress. Why is it, that when someones hears something, they don't investigate. Why do the naturally, FREAK out, and call everyone, and tell them not to do something. If "they" would have researched it, they would have found out, yes, we baptize, but it is still the persons choice, whether to accept it! Goodness...

Or how bout all this FLDS crap. Oh my, seriously. Officials have been trying to bring them down for ever. It makes me sick. And yes, old men, impregnating young girls, makes me sick too, but, why not rip the men away from the families. There certainly are less of them. Instead, let's put strain on an already strained foster care system, when their mothers are perfectly capable of caring for them. GET RID OF THEM MEN! Of course they scattered like the coakroaches they are. Leave them alone, if they want to live like that, it's their buisness. Wait till the girls are 18, and even give them a choice! It all comes down to freedom of choice does it not? Even when your dead, you can still make a choice.

I heard this quote a while ago. "People need to stop looking in windows, and start looking in the mirror." I am SO sick of being judged, I can't even tell you. Jack has a "disabilty". I'm sorry, have you met him? My boys have long hair, Emma has accidents. My lawn isn't mowed. There are toys all over it. Mirror people!

You can't hear one thing about someone, or something, and take your whole impression from that! It's not fair to the person or organization. Would you take something a small child said once, and call DCFS? A sane, reasonable person wouldn't. Would you think the mormons are baptizing all the catholics for revenge or to STEAL them? Would you think changing school boundries, to included apartments, means too many low income kids will now come to the school? Give me a freakin break. I've heard from so many people, they are worried about our boundry changes at school. I'm sorry, do we NOT want our child to be loving and kind to all? Do we NOT want them to learn to love and accept everyone? Well, how are we gonna do that, if we only let them play with/go to school kids whose parents, make the same as us, and have the same skin color. Our kids are going to grow up to be as self rightous, and ignorant as we are. It's a viscious cycle isn't it?

Then there's this idiot. Oh did I say that out loud? *smirk* Standing up there on Capitol Hill, doing what I just said. Back when Jack was a baby, I went up to the Hill, and of course HE was there. What a moron. We were talking about, the Utah Birth Defects Network, how we needed money for surveilance! He was sitting up there all stupid and old manish, and he says..."Birth defects are a tradgedy." What a moron. Luckily, I had Jack with me, and brought him up to meet this ignoramous. I said, "Hello, I'd like you to meet my son Jack, he has 12 birth defects!" He didn't have much of a comeback for that. There's more, but I'm annoyed enough as it is... Just believe me, this man has a history I'm sure, of pulling his kids out of a school with the possibilty of too many low income kids, or called DCFS after asking a child a leading question, or thinks anyone but a mormon, is stupid, and should be ban. Sometimes...I really hate living in Utah.

Wow, that went off didn't it. Well... must go to church, and be fed.

My simple plea is this, to open our minds, not jump to conclusions, and be accepting of EVERYONE, no matter their skin color, or income bracket. We HAVE to stop looking in windows, and start looking in the mirror. Believe me, I'm not perfect either, but I certainly think, I am more accepting of others, than my neighbors.


sisdix said...

Right on, Matilda! Too many people don't know how to live - except in the VICTIM role.
How about trying "serving" instead of sitting on your butt and "judging"? As Henry Eyring once said: "When you truly SERVE others - YOUR CAPACITY TO LOVE INCREASES."
Let's stop complaining and judging, and start serving.
I wish I didn't agree so much with your "Sometimes I really....."line - but it can happen anywhere - just why so much here?!
Love you!!!! Me

Lisa said...

I could not agree with you more.

And that Senator Butter's, is a really interesting person. I thought you handled that situation very well.

"It's a damn tragedy" that he is in congress.

Enjoyed this post. It's good to know what you think.

Matilda said...'s NOT good to know what I think!!! :)

Sis Sarah said...

Well said.

I've never thought of the creepy 50 year old FLDS men as coakroaches, I really like that analogy. What a mess down there. I actually like Dr. Phil's idea of training the women to actually be able to take back there kids and live lives without there creepy husbands. To understand the laws that they need to follow. The Foster Care system is not the solution. They've taken them from one mess to another.

Oh and the whole DCFS thing, as you know I've had to call DCFS. Like I really had to call. I've seen A LOT of things when I was an apartment manager. I saw dirty houses, dirty kids, kids with not the best food, or medical care around, I saw latch key kids, kids with behavioral problems, I could go on and on. But you know what, it is not necessarily any better at my house some days. It wasn't until I dealt with a tweaker (addicted to meth) leaving her child with drug dealers, that I finally felt it was absolutly necessary to do something about it. That was a line, that there was no other solution or excuse and there was no way I could help out, give them food, babysit or take them to the dr. to fix.

I had tenants that would fight and call DCFS on each other, what a waste of DCFS time. Like they had nothing better to do than get in the middle of someone's fight. They have real problems and real situations they need to deal with. And I tell you they can sniff something fishy out in a minute.

And the child I called on was removed from his home and placed with family with in days. It was that bad.

I have escaped stupid, ignorant mormon land although sometimes I go back and read the paper to get my fill of it. Living out here, you just need to drive through the ghetto downtown to realize that Utah is really spoiled, they really don't get how bad it can be. Here where children have no hope of getting out and making something of themselves. They just have to hope to make it through the night without getting shot at by local thugs that just shoot up houses for the pure heck of it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ignorant people! But most of all-I LOVE you! You are funny, even when you are annoyed. I am just a *insert bad word* when I am annoyed. I really did enjoy your post. When we moved, part of our criteria was to not go to a school where money rules. Because I saw how my kids perceive what they should do, should have, etc. when they went to the school with the "more money" demographic. It's hard as a parent to live up to that.

The Forney Four said...

sorry :(

all i can say is...leavin' utah was a great blessing for me, that's fer sher!! not that that makes you feel better, but you might think about it :0

Matilda said...

Millie, I have believe me. But the kids are settled, andI need to stay close to PCMC. I know I know, there are other childrens, but that is a BIG factor, in where we would go, IF we would go. MUST have a top notch childrens hospital within 20 min.

Sis Sarah said...


You can move by me **wink wink**

Our children's hospitals have real bed to sleep on for mommies. And you never ever ever ever ever share a room.

You know you want your boys to come hang out in the hood LOL

Diana said...

I try to have conversations with my kids about prejudice, but it is so hard when it all seems like we're "playing pretend" because they don't actually have many experiences to go along with it. Utah is a bubble and short of keeping your kids shut up inside to keep them away from the world, there is no way to keep them absolutely safe. But where does it say we should shelter ourselves from the world absolutely? It says we should keep ourselves clean and live in the world without being of the world. Everything we learn and experience makes us stronger and who am I to deny that to my kids while they're still here with me and we can talk things over and learn from each other. They're going to learn about the bad stuff somewhere, why not from me first? I LOVE your blog! I need to stop by more often! ;)